Polling locations will change to comply with election code this year

PRESIDIO COUNTY — This year, voters will need to pay special attention to their precinct in order to determine where their voting location will be. For Marfa voters, the voting location will now be at the USO Building. In Presidio, what once was one voting location will now be split into three, depending on which precinct voters live in.

This year’s changes were spurred on when, in the fall of 2019, watchdog group the Texas Civil Rights Project informed Presidio County that they believed the county had violated Texas Election Code by combining certain precincts, specifically those in south county.

The group recommended remedial action immediately to avoid further monitoring or possible enforcement actions against the county.

If the county did not comply, the group stated they would “consider all legal and equitable remedies available to bring the county into compliance with state law, including litigation and other avenues for bringing attention to this issue.”

In prior years, the county has combined precincts one and seven into a polling location in Marfa, and combined precincts two through six into a Presidio city voting location. For Presidio area voters, Democratic County Chair Clark Childers said, “The voting precincts all used to be combined, but in accordance with election law, we have split them up into three locations.”

Here is the new polling location info:

Voting Precincts 1 & 7 – The USO Building, 302 S. Highland Ave. Marfa, TX

Voting Precinct  2 – Presidio ISD: Administration Building, 701 E. Market St., Presidio, TX 7845

Voting Precincts 3 & 4 – Presidio County Courthouse Annex – Building C, 301 E. O’Reilly St., Presidio, TX 79845

Voting Precincts 5 & 6 – Marquez Hall @ Santa Teresa Catholic Church, 1101 O’Reilly St., Presidio, TX 79845

Those who arrive at the wrong polling location can have election workers check the rolls and redirect them to their proper polling place.