Presidio basketball teams keep up winning record

PRESIDIO — The Presidio Lady Devils basketball team continued its solid record last week, with wins against Crane and the Anthony Wildcats.

First up was a game against the Anthony Wildcats last Friday. The Lady Devils hosted — and cleaned up with what Alonzo Samaniego, a coach at Presidio ISD, called a “dominant performance.”

After the first half, the Lady Devils led 34-4. And “the second half was the same,” Samaniego said, with the Lady Devils holding them to only 10 scores. The final score was 61-14 for Presidio, with Leslie Carrasco, Crystal Barriga and Alexa Baeza leading the team’s scores with 12, 10 and 8 points, respectively.

On Tuesday, Presidio competed against Crane. The team got off to a “slow start,” Samaniego said, with the team only managing 6 points in the third quarter — finding them in a losing position of 15-16.

The fourth quarter, though, was a “different story,” Samaniego said. The team outscored Crane, 20-12. The defense forced a lot of turnovers, ending with a final score of 35-28. Leading scorers were Sofia Garcia (14 points) and Crystal Barriage (8).

The score was a relief for Presidio. The game was a “a must-win,” Samniego said, “as we were trying to keep up with Crane and Kermit in the win column.” The victory put them in a tie with Crane for first place in the district — and bringing them record to 6-2 for the district and 10-2 overall.

The junior varsity girls also defeated the Lady Cranes that night, ending with a score of 35-24. Among the top scores were Ysel Castro (12 points), Iliana Morales (9) and Sheila Ornelas (8).

Next up are games against Alpine on Friday, when Presidio hosts the Lady Bucks. JV girls play at 5 p.m., and varsity girls play at 6:30.