Presidio girls basketball second in district after tiebreaker game

PRESIDIO — Presidio girls basketball finished second in the district after a tiebreaker game with Kermit earlier this month.

The game, which happened on Friday, February 14, saw Presidio carry 51-33. The lead scorers were Sofia Garcia (with 17 points) and Crystal Barriga (with 14).

Then, last week, the Lady Devils faced off against Sonora for a bi-district game in Fort Stockton. Though Sonora ultimately won 20-37, coach Alonzo Samaniego said “the girls played really hard” and he was “happy with the effort.”

“Our defense kept us close throughout the game,” he said. The first half came out 6-15 in favor of Sonora. In the third quarter, Presidio outscored Sonora 7-6, bringing the lead down to 13-21.

During the fourth quarter, Presidio players “forced a lot of turnovers but were not able to capitalize on the offensive end,” Samaniego said. In the last two minutes, he said, “we had to foul a lot to stop the clock, as we were out of timeouts.”

The lead scorers in the game were Crystal Barriga (12 points) and Alexa Baeza (4). Overall, the team had 18 wins and 12 losses this season.

Several Presidio players also received all-district honors for their solid play. Those include Alexa Baeza (offensive MVP), Crystal Barriga (defensive MVP) and Alondra Proano, Nathalia Montemayor and Sofia Garcia (1st team all-district).