The time to fill out the 2020 Census is here

UNITED STATES — The 2020 Census is now available, and residents of the United States can choose to fill it out via mail, with a door-to-door census worker, by phone or, for the first time, online at

Census workers will begin knocking doors in mid-May in hopes of getting a complete count of residents across the United States, but U.S. residents can fill out their census now online or by mail. The mail version has postage on the return envelope.

The Census Bureau is working with government entities to monitor the new coronavirus and make appropriate decisions regarding the plan to get census responses. “With respect to COVID-19, Census 2020 is moving ahead according to plan. The Census Bureau will follow the guidance of Federal, State and local health authorities,” they said in a statement.

The census has toll-free telephone numbers set up in English (844-330-2020) and Spanish (844-468-2020.) For households larger than 10, the Census Bureau recommends answering the census online or by phone, where up to 99 people can be included.

As of March 20, census self-response rates will be available to keep an eye on how many people in each community have responded. Visit for more information.

The Bureau is staffing census response representatives in areas predicted to have a low response rate, and later, in areas that are still low in response. Census takers will start arriving in early May to follow up with those who have not responded to the census.