Please think before you flush

Cesar Leyva, Presidio Director of Public Works

Disinfectant wipes are being flushed down toilets and causing sewer problems in Presidio.

As we have become aware of the importance of disinfecting our surroundings, we are asking our residents to avoid flushing anything other than toilet paper in their bathrooms to ease the strain on our waste water system. Toilet paper readily dissolves when flushed, but other items such as baby wipes, paper towels, feminine products, condoms, cloth rags and diapers do not, and interfere with the operation of the pumps which transport the waste water to our treatment facility approximately five miles out of town.

The city processes approximately 250,000 gallons of waste water each day, which are sent to our facility via five lift stations. Any interruption along the way will cause an immediate back-up in the system.

We appreciate your attention to this matter as we continue to strive and bring you the service you expect.