Marfa Live Arts announces award-winning playwrights 

MARFA — This spring, Marfa Live Arts’ guest playwright Caridad Svich facilitated the ninth annual Playwriting Program at Marfa High School via an online platform. Over the course of ten days, students were given prompts and led through a series of creative writing exercises.

Upon completion of the classes, each student wrote their own unique one-act play. When asked to give her overall thoughts on the quality of work from the Marfa students, Svich replied, “All students demonstrated to varying degrees a distinctiveness of voice, range, clear intentions, well-crafted theatrical dialogue, a sense of wildness/fearlessness and an ability to tell a complete story.”

When asked what she’d like to share with MISD’s young playwrights, she replied, “I was impressed by everyone’s commitment to dramatic form. I cannot stress this enough. Although in this circumstance there are ‘winners,’ I would like to think that all the students are winners.”

Marfa Live Arts is proud to announce the Grand Prize award-winning Marfa High School playwrights for 2020 are:

No Compass by Aubrie Aguilar, 9th grade. Svich shares, “This play caught me by surprise. On the surface it is very simple. A ditching-school-and-learning-something story. But it has a tenderness in its rendering of characters that is moving. Compassionate and sweet and driven by dialogue. It just moves and flies.”

It’s Not Always Sunshine and Rainbows at Coneset Hill by Febi Brimhall, 10th grade. Svich comments, “I LOVE THIS PLAY. An unexpectedly delightful lark of a play. Beatrice and Wayne are terrific characters, and there’s a warmth in the telling of this tale about feeling/being othered that is truly captivating, smart and winning.”

Legend of the Hellhound by Devin Meierhoff, 11th grade. Svich adds, “A very funny, self-aware Western. Just a hoot. You can feel the FUN the writer is having on the page. Artful, sly, adventurous. Has a bit of Coen Brothers vibe to it in Ballad of Buster Scruggs mode.”

Rona by Avery Beltran, 12th grade. Svich shares, “A pandemic comedy/horror. Very funny. Extreme (intentional). Vivid. It just grabs the stage and doesn’t let go.”

The following student playwrights have been awarded Honorable Mention:

9th grade –

Something Has to Change by Charlize Martinez

Sad Eyes Attracted to Bad Guys by Victoria Torres

The Panda and the Tortoise by Dimetrey Stewart

My Sun by Janelly Pereira

10th grade –

Let the Unknown be Known by Odalys Chacon

The Space Between by Brianna Ramos

11th grade

en la boca de la guerra by Saul Lozano

Shelley Snaps by Isaac Mediano

12th grade

Quarantine Monologue by Samantha Jimenez

Svich concluded her time teaching by adding, “I was encouraged by the students’ honesty, enthusiasm and dedication, and for understanding the performative as a medium. All in all, it was a delight to see ALL the work and the passion down there in Marfa!”

Since 2011, Marfa Live Arts has taught the Playwriting Program at MISD. The program provides instruction and resources that build critical thinking skills while helping kids gain self-confidence in finding and expressing their inner voice.

To date, the Playwriting Program has produced over 825 student-written plays. For more information go to: