Ex Marfa Shorthorns of El Paso award $5,000 in scholarships

EL PASO — The Ex Marfa Shorthorns of El Paso, led by Joe Cabezuela, are fortunate to continue the trend of awarding two annual scholarships of $5,000. This year the recipients are Isabelle Morales and Bryan Torres. The selection committee selected these two deserving students based on names provided by the Marfa High School Administration.

The ability for the Ex Marfa Shorthorns to generate scholarship funds are based on support from the Marfa community, Marfa High School alumni, local merchants such as the Marfa National Bank, Big Bend Sentinel, Marfa Chamber of Commerce and public official State Senator Jose Rodriquez.

The Ex Marfa Shorthorns Group of El Paso and Friends are now confronted with the challenge on how to continue the trend of generating scholarship funds for next school year based on the current events facing our nation. Previously, the Marfa Lights Festival provided the Marfa Community an opportunity to contribute donations by participating in Marfa High School scholarship fund raising events. If the festival is postponed, the group will continue to arrive at ways and means to face the existing challenge.

Active alumni and friends in El Paso who welcome your ideas and scholarship contributions are as follows: Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cabezuela, Mr. and Mrs. Luis Sotelo, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest (Surdo) Minjarez, Ms. Toni (Vasquez) Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Mando Uranga, Mr. Victor Chemali, Mrs Rosie (Herrera) Adauto, Mrs. Natalia (Gonzalez) Oliver, Mrs. Ida Benavidez, Mr. and Mrs. Meme Contreras, Mr. Rudy Hernandez, Mr. Willie Hartnett, Mr. Zeke Santiago , Mrs. Lala (Urista) Eiden, Mrs Rosemary (Segura) Mani, San Antonio, Texas and Mr. Danny Herrera , Seguin, Texas.

For additional information call 915-772-9071or 432-386-5737.