Film festival will feature pilot episode by former Alpine High School graduate

LOS ANGELES – Former West Texas resident and Alpine High School graduate (2001), Zane McWilliams, has been accepted into the Independent Pilot Competition at SeriesFest. The event is an award-winning annual festival based in Denver, Colorado, and “dedicated to showcasing the best and boldest in episodic storytelling.”

“We’re extremely honored to be a part of SeriesFest and I owe a huge thank you to the actors, crew, and everyone who supported us,” said McWilliams who wrote, directed and helped produce WIZARDS.

“Everything I write is rooted in Texas. You can’t shake that. I find all my characters start off talking in Texas accents and then I go back and translate the dialogue,” McWilliams said.

SeriesFest is a nonprofit organization dedicated to championing artists at the forefront of episodic storytelling. The annual festival, June 18 to 24, will showcase Zane’s television series WIZARDS.

The series follows a crew of D&D players’ lives that get thrown into disorderly alliances when new members disrupt the ranks from surprising and bullish avenues. WIZARDS will compete for various awards including Best Pilot and the distinguished Audience Award. This year SeriesFest will be online and on-demand. The pilot will be juried by established industry executives and selections will have an online debut.

Please check out more of Zane’s creative endeavors on Instagram and Facebook. To view the trailer for WIZARDS visit YouTube. Lastly, for more info on how to buy passes to view the full pilot, visit SeriesFest. Earlier this year WIZARDS was also accepted into CineQuest, a California-based film and creativity festival.