A remote fire burns on at Big Bend National Park

BIG BEND — Last Friday afternoon, as a thunderstorm rolled over the mountains of Big Bend National Park, a lighting strike caused a fire near the Dead Horse mountains, located east of the main park complex.

After a flyover, it was determined the fire, which is about 40 acres in mass, is moving towards the eastern boundary of Big Bend National Park and is currently in an isolated mountain range with little to no trees in its path.

D.W. Ivans, fire management officer at Big Bend National Park, said that currently the fire is confined to a certain area of the park that does not impose any kind of threat to anyone. He also explained that because of that, and because of the convenient natural obstacles currently in front of the fire, the plan is to let the fire burn until it goes out.

Ivans explained that it would not make sense to use expensive resources like fire retardant due to the isolated nature of the fire and its current size. He reiterated that the fire is not a cause for concern and that it could die any day as it burns through fuel on the remote acreage. The flames are especially likely to extinguish themselves because August marks the back end of fire season, and increased rains coming to the park lately should help moisten the ground and extinguish the remaining fire.

Ivans said that after the most recent flyover it was determined that the fire had been shrunk down to just three acres in size. Additionally, with no visible smoke as of Wednesday morning, as well as recent rains, it can be assumed that the fire is either already out or close to it.