July 23 Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

In March 1945, as Allied forces advanced into Germany, Hitler issued an order that became known as the Nero Decree. The Nero Decree ordered the destruction of all German infrastructure that might be of use to Allied forces, but also guaranteed the citizens of Germany the virtually impossible task of rebuilding the country with no place to even begin. Simply put, Hitler’s intention was to destroy what remained of Germany.

Today we sit around and watch as our president is destroying America through his incompetence in dealing with the coronavirus. What I can’t decide is whether it is intentional incompetence or if Trump is too mentally impared – or stupid – to understand that the economy, indeed the country, will never be normal as long as a highly infectuous virus is killing thousands and sickening millions more. Thankfully, recent polls indicate that a solid majority of Americans have also come to a similar conclusion.

As much as I hate to say it, though, Trump is not entirely the blame. Equal blame goes to every – every! – Republican in Congress for their complicity in Trump’s policies and/or their betrayal of their oaths of office, and those who voted for them, by not standing up to our incompetent liar-in-chief and doing what they know is right. (Note: Senators Cornyn and Cruz of Texas.)

Blame also can be attributed to the dozen or so Republican governors who allowed and are continuing to allow the virus to escalate exponentially in their respective states. The most despicable and arrogant of that bunch are Kemp of Georgia and DeSantis of Florida, followed closely by Abbott of Texas (for not ceding mayors and county judges the authority to enact restrictive prevention measures) and Ducey of Arizona who is simply a toady for Trump.

Some people like to regurgitate Trump’s words and proclaim “the virus will just go away” or “we will have a vaccination soon,” as if either would solve the immediate problem. The immediate problem is we desperately need a drastic reduction of new cases and associated deaths, and there is absolutely no political will nationally or in many states to take the actions necessary. And remember, it’s not rocket science, all they (we) have to do is what they did in Italy, France and Spain and in New York and New Jersey and other places where the virus is under control. Reinventing the wheel is not necessary, only the courage to do the right thing is necessary.

Unfortunately our president doesn’t have that courage, nor do a dozen or so Republican governors, nor does any Republican member of Congress. For the sake of those who may become infected with the virus and those who may die, I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t believe there will be any major progress in controlling this thing until January 20, 2021 when a new administration takes over and takes responsibility, something Trump will never do.

Fred Gossien