The ‘Voice of the Last Frontier’ just got louder 

ALPINE — Alpine Radio KVLF, the “Voice of the Last Frontier,” now is available for FM users.

Alpine Radio President Martin Benevich announced Wednesday that after four years of trying, he finally got a translator device that allows the KVLF signal on 1240 AM to be simulcast on 98.7 FM.

“The benefit to the listener is that the music on FM will be in stereo,” he said. “And motorists who normally scan their car radios on the FM band will be able to pick up the new signal. For people driving around and radios at home, they can leave them on FM because it sounds better.”

Benevich said Alpine Radio will benefit from the added station, since many advertisers prefer to air on an FM signal. The new outlet will also provide the station with more listeners, as people visiting the area don’t always turn to AM when seeking a signal.

“The new FM signal will not affect the KALP-FM broadcasts in any way but will be an additional FM frequency available in Alpine and surrounding areas,” Benevich said. “The new FM frequency is not as powerful as KALP, but it easily covers Alpine, just to Fort Davis, almost to Marfa and just past the ‘Y,’ the Highway 67-90 split east of Alpine.”

According to their website, “At Alpine Radio KVLF 1240 AM and KALP 92.7 FM our mantra is live and local. We are focused on providing to our listeners accurate local news, home team sports, area weather and enjoyable music.”

KALP, on the air since 1982, will still host country & western and Spanish music formats, but KVLF has now landed on a new music format.

“We’ve settled in on an adult contemporary format during the daytime,” Benevich said.