August 20 Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I wonder….

Have we thought about the cost of rebranding our school? Where would the money that we know is needed to take on such a task come from? Is spending who knows how much money really the best course of action after a several months long, and still continuing, economic shutdown?

Would we not be better served in, perhaps, reimagining our current mascot costume? Perhaps the “grotesque” mask, which I admit I have never seen, could be replaced or done away with altogether. Would it not be wiser to seek out Native American speakers who are willing to come to our beautiful community and share the truth, their culture, and the reality of what really affects their communities? Wouldn’t it be better if we hear from Native Americans how best to honor their ancestry and way of life?

I have spoken to a friend of mine, a Muskogee Creek, who has served our country through military service, who has served in law enforcement and who continues to serve our veterans. He is a businessman, an entrepreneur who strives to build up rather than to tear down. He finds no offense in the Fort Davis Indians, and agrees that education through exposure is a positive course of action, one that will likely imprint a sense of respect and admiration of what life as a Native American was and is like. That will, hopefully, allow us to move forward in a respectable manner, preserving our local history, while also properly honoring those who came before us.

Holly Buetow

Fort Davis



Jefferson Finis Davis held people in bondage for the benefit of his own enrichment. Jefferson Columbus Davis was a murderer, for he did indeed shoot dead General William Nelson. Nelson by all accounts was a large man of odious character disliked by many. It is said that on news of his death no tears were lost.

My pick for renaming the town would be Taylor Town, Home of The Rambling Boy. Or how about Star Town in honor of our observatory (not every town has an observatory, you know).

In response to Larry Francell’s perspective on the two Jeffersons, Mr. Le Blanc stated that some people look for problems where none exist. Maybe. But I think that some people have also lost their sense of humor.


Zena Zeller

Fort Davis