Mexican Independence celebration goes online

PRESIDIO — The Mexican Consulate kicked off a celebration of the 210th anniversary of Mexican Independence at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, September 15. While the annual event usually takes place at the Presidio Activity Center and welcomes a lively crowd to enjoy live music and traditional ballet folklórico performances, this year the consulate moved the event online, while still offering an entertaining program honoring history.

The event opened with a speech by the consul of Mexico, Sergio Francisco Salinas Meza, celebrating the start of Mexican Independence. “We’re going to be celebrating the national heroes,” he said, telling the story of Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a priest who rang the church bells early in the morning to call everyone to the square, a call to action for the people before throwing himself into the fight for independence. “After more than 300 years of Spanish rule and 12 years of fierce fighting,” said Salinas, “Mexico was a free and sovereign country.”

After the speech, the online presentation featured an audiovisual history of Mexican independence, complete with illustrations, beginning with Mexico City in 1808 and a film commissioned to commemorate the history.

The consulate also kept some of the local traditions alive, sharing a montage of videos that presented local ballet forklórico dancers performing at the Presidio Activity Center last year. Performers included Baile Folklórico performers from Chihuahua City and the town’s local mariachi band.

Mariachi Santa Cruz, with Presidio Mayor John Ferguson on the trumpet, played Mexican ballads like “La Basurita” and “Cariño.”

The event concluded with a presentation of the Mexican flag, and the consul declaring, “¡Viva Mexico!” and a music video of the Mexican national anthem.

The full event can be viewed at: