Uranus is afoot: As above, so below

And what’s above right now ain’t pretty. You don’t need a fake astromancer to tell you that the U.S. presidential election season is, and will be, oh what’s the word, nasty. So put on your surgical masks, gowns and gloves, and let’s explore the astrological anatomy of this crucial political campaign.

Earlier columns this year have already introduced the dominant cosmic alignments for 2020, known as the Capricorn Stellium – a rare triple conjunction of outer planets Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, all in the sign of Capricorn within a single calendar year. Here on terra-not-so-firma, the stage has been set with a toxic stew of pandemic, multiple raging infernos, economic recession and violent social unrest. Now, just in time for the election, the planet Mars turned retrograde on September 9, and will turn direct on Friday, November 13 (you’re not superstitious are you?). As we move through autumn, the light may change but not the heat. Mars, the Roman god of war, represents aggression, confrontation and competition. What’s more, these traits double down in intensity because Mars makes this transit in Aries, the sign that it rules.

To borrow a phrase, the excrement encounters the rotary cooling device sometime between September 29 and October 19. This is when Mars makes a hard square with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. Mars already had a tête-à-tête with these three clowns from March 20 to March 31 of this year. Hardly a joyous time – the pandemic panic was peaking, the economy was shutting down and stock markets were crashing. Now we re-test the themes that started this cycle. COVID-19 is again on the rise worldwide, re-employment is falling, and market volatility is increasing. When Jupiter squares Mars, there’s an expansion of the anger and passion that Mars energy represents. When Mars aligns in a square to Saturn and Pluto, the hostility index rises. No civil discourse here. By comparison, this symbolism makes the 2016 presidential campaign look almost pastoral.

It’s already widely speculated that come November 4, we will not know the outcome of the election. Astrology strongly supports that contention. Astrologer Ray Merriman, in early November 2019, wrote that a disputed election with delayed results was a strong possibility, even before COVID-19 was known to exist. He based this forecast on his understanding of our polarized political climate, blended with the clashing dynamics of Mars retrograde in this 2020 Capricorn Stellium.

But Mars retrograde is not the only astro-factor wreaking havoc at this time. Mercury, which symbolizes communication, also goes retrograde on October 13, just three weeks before the election. No bueno. Imagine a flow of miscommunications, changing numbers, actual fake news and untrustworthy polls – all of which intensify as Mercury goes direct exactly on Election Day, November 3. By the way, Mercury also changed direction during the 2000 Bush/Gore vote, leading to the infamous hanging chad chicanery in Florida.

Mercury retrograde is a trickster and he loves to obfuscate. Picture this: A fractious, contested vote on Election Day becomes delayed by an overwhelming crush of absentee ballots. The need for urgent resolution bypasses the appellate courts and goes straight to the Supreme Court, which could produce a 4-4 split vote if a ninth judge has not been seated. Or, consider the possibility of a 269-269 tie vote in the Electoral College. Welcome to Presidential Purgatory. In either case, the process would then wind up in the House of Representatives. The vote would not be determined by individual members, but rather by state delegation, meaning one vote per state. If there are any Constitutional legal experts in our readership, or an exorcist, please feel free to weigh in.

Recently, Ray Merriman hosted an online discussion about the 2020 presidential election with four internationally known (genuine) astrologers. Here are some of their insights.

(1) As in 2000 and in 2016, a split occurs between the popular and the Electoral College votes.

(2) A very close and/or disputed election where the results may not be known until November 19, or possibly as late as December 14 (though they make no mention of Chad and his hangers-on).

(3) With respect to their natal charts, both Trump and Kamala Harris have favorable transits of the North Node of the Moon, which is said to be associated with victory, confidence and success. But both also have a difficult alignment with transiting Pluto to their personal planets, which can indicate loss or a major life transformation.

(4) The heightened drama and intensity surrounding this particular election is supported by the transit of Pluto over a portion of the U.S. birth chart. Where you find Pluto, you find complexity.

(5) The Sun is in opposition to Uranus three days before the election. Uranus represents sudden change and unpredictability. The message? Once again, don’t trust the polls.

These are challenging astrological conditions. But by mid-November, Mars will be out of retrograde. And by year end, Saturn and Pluto start to socially distance themselves, and the political incivility begins to subside. Until then, be as zen as you can.

Jack Copeland is a retired busboy radiologist and Judd Foundation tour guide. Sources for this column include: (1) Forecast 2020 Book by Ray Merriman. (2) Weekly Forecast Columns from 8/11/20, 8/17/20, 9/15/20, 9/21/20, and 9/28/20, by Ray Merriman @https://www.mmacycles.com. (3) Learn Astrology Vol One by Marion March and Joan McEvers. (4) Declarations by Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal, September 19-20, 2020.