Early voting, by the numbers

Turnout to early vote, both in person and by mail, in Presidio County as of Tuesday night’s tallies is already 44% of the total vote four years ago. In neighboring Brewster County, polling places have already seen 56% of Brewster County’s 2016 turnout.

However, Jeff Davis County has shown a truly remarkable will to vote in 2020. While 1,190 individuals cast a ballot there in 2016, this year 743 have already voted in Jeff Davis County, or 62% of their 2016 turnout, with another two weeks to go until Election Day on November 3.

Governor Greg Abbott’s additional week of early voting has given Texas voters extra time to cast their ballots, and Texans are taking the opportunity to get ahead of the Election Day rush.

In fact, turnout is already so high in Jeff Davis County compared to others in Texas, that the county currently lays claim to the second highest percent turnout of eligible voters of all 254 counties in Texas.

By Tuesday, October 20, the percentage of 2020 registered voters who have already voted early were:

20.61% in Presidio County

31.98% in Brewster County

44.49% in Jeff Davis County