October 29 Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I would like to acknowledge our City of Presidio Volunteer Firefighters for their volunteer work. We have a great appreciation for the work carried out by the firefighters in our community. This year we have canceled the yearly recognition awards reception at the city library due to the pandemic and there being no social gatherings at this time.

If and when it is safe to do so, we will honor these wonderful volunteers: Presidio Fire Chief Mr. Saul Pardo, Presidio fire department volunteers Jessica Murillo, Karlo Murillo, Adrian Flores, Jesus Hermosillo, Stephenie Rivera, Karen Murillo, Cristian Andrade, George Muniz, Hector Reyes, Marcos Hernandez, Alejandro Montemayor, Emiliano Valenzuela, Robert Reyna, Andy Perez, Caroline Lewis, Mireya Leyva and Liz Rohana.

These individuals risk their lives to save others. Certificates of Appreciation were sent to these wonderful volunteers. Thank you.

Carmen Elguezabal

Library Director, City of Presidio


Dear Editor,

In the 10/22 Alpine Avalanche, a letter writer wondered why someone would wear a mask while driving alone 20 miles outside of town.

I’d like to reply, because sometimes another person’s situation is not always obvious.

Sometimes people are taken to our local hospital in an ambulance, and when they are released they don’t have a ride home. Sometimes I provide their ride from Alpine, occasionally to Marfa, Fort Davis or Presidio.

Outbound we both wear masks, and after we have been together in a small closed airspace, I consider it an easy precaution to keep my mask on as I drive back to town, where it is more comfortable to have all of the windows open.

I believe that we all benefit when we voluntarily give up having 100% individual free will in order to provide a safer and more orderly common good for all people.

Sometimes what we sacrifice for the common good is easy, like pulling over to let an emergency vehicle drive past. Sometimes it requires more of us, like paying a share of garbage pick up and waste water treatment rather than dumping raw sewage at the edge of our yard or throwing our trash down the street.

Our leaders don’t always make perfect decisions, but we do better if we respectfully work together to figure it out.

Pam Gaddis