November 12 Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Howdy, friends. Two honorable mentions, if I may:

The fabulous ladies at the USO that assisted with early voting! The organizers and participants of Presidio International Drag Racing!

Thank you, I savor each delicious moment.

Xtal Funke


Dear Editor,

November 3 has come and gone. Unfortunately, that was just a battle. The civil and cultural war that will either save or dismantle the American Republic is on. The damages won’t be known until the reality of all threats is identified. Will fire-starting, police-hating Millennials driven by their officials and sponsors continue their rampages or will they retreat to their wealthy parental basements? Will American history be rewritten by those who despise America – those who see us as an evil nation to be undone as their lie is forced upon our children – or will we end the propaganda, improving as we go as intended by the Founders? Will failed socialism continue to be glorified, or will we admit to the elitism, servitude and millions of deaths that come with nationalized socialism? Will we allow the condemnations of religions that have saved us from the hellfire of human nature, or will we return to a respect for the positive endeavors of those religions?

The majority of American media supports those who’d remake the U.S. in a corrupted image. That image is not in our best interest, contrary to what that media reports. I pray that all Americans will look deeper into the wells of circulated info for the purpose of finding a more exact truth, leaving behind biased media rhetoric that has often shaped their distorted views.

You who rallied to a Democrat party cry of “Save our democracy” must remember that we’re a representative republic, and not a direct democracy, which is little more than mob rule. We should campaign to change minds in a civilized system of elections. Once we vote our work is done and our power is transferred to the elected, until next time. A substitute of anarchy as defined by civil violence, political activism, judicial activism and many other illegal actions is currently being used to win elections. Activities like these aren’t new. In the 20th century similar tactics worked well for socialists who went on to become their country’s one party system of government. Their leader’s name was Adolf Hitler.

James R. Le Blanc 

Fort Davis


Dear Editor,


The process of healing and reconciliation from this long national nightmare will take time and sincere effort. Forty-eight percent of the country wanted to give Trump another term. But Joe Biden said he’s a healer and president for blue and red states.

While engaging in the work, there’s a few things to come to terms with: “It takes two to tango!” It isn’t all on the loyal opposition.

Trumpism represents a mean-spirited, dehumanization of others in his almost daily, hate-filled vitriol since his racist birtherism against then-candidate Barack Obama. Cheering MAGA supporters felt better when targeted religious, ethnic, racial or political opponents felt worse, from Trump’s onslaughts and angry Tweet rants.

Mocking others based upon physical appearance, disability, gender or occupation was a fetid manna from Hades, his specialty at rallies. Often led by chanting attendees, supporters were likewise incapable of caring about the canary choking for breath in the coal mine for lack of decency’s oxygen. His vile authoritarianism “earned” white supremacist endorsements.

His evangelical base exclaimed “God forgives, so do I.” They just couldn’t conceive of anyone opposing the “chosen one’s” laundry list of abominations.

Knee-jerkingly saying “fake news” created enough gaslighting to kill everything on Noah’s ark.  Forgiving – without contrition – just condoned more sinning, giving the biggest criminal of all a “get out of jail free” parole without a sense of no more wrongdoing.

Americans have endured an abusive president’s applications of fear: modeling caging children and policies designed to harm Muslims and immigrants, and even withholding federal assistance to blue states during raging wildfires, when smoke was crossing the continent from the West to the East Coast. An aggravating factor told us not to believe our lying eyes (and ears) with a chorus of “alternative facts!”

Enabling abuse, of course, were staffers. Let us not forget the congressional GOP ignoring rampant corruption and failing at minimal constitutional oversight responsibilities.

None-the-less, what just happened? The majority rejected Trump!

Immediately upon word of Biden’s victory, the reaction was one of profound relief. Released was four-plus years of pent-up stress. Steeple bells rang in Europe!

Spontaneously, non-violent celebrations broke-out. Notice, too, without threats to Trump’s supporters; quite capable of seeking revenge for voting against him, provoked by his unsubstantiated claims of massive Dem voter fraud.

However, be warned. The abuser is still around, though the “protective order” was served by the American people.

Trump’s “hovering” until the inauguration is a source of concern that more harm is possible. Lingering in the back of minds is pre-election calls to his armed, militant supporters to “stand-by” and intimidation by unidentifiable federal goons.

Our worthy challenge involves repairing what Trump has undone and what his supporters approved. They have a date with the mirror, eyeballs and soul searching.

Asking for an honest acknowledgement contributing to the nation’s present discord isn’t a matter of demonizing those who disagree with our winning candidates. Rather, failing to make amends is simply more sweeping things under the rug. Not talking about and dealing with unpleasant things is more dysfunctional behavior.

Dr. Phil says: “You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge.” Clearing the deck and cleansing the room makes truth the foundation of any healthy structure.

Supporters have an open invitation to join the process of bringing this nation together.  Respectfully, leave any fear-based bigotry and hero worship of someone unworthy of our trust and loyalty where it belongs – in the dustbin of history!

Sincerely yours,

Rev. Barry Abraham Zavah