November 19 Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I drove from Boise City, Oklahoma, to Dalhart, Texas, and all the way down U.S. Highway 385 to Odessa, then over to Pecos and on down here to Marfa, a must-stop after reading about The Sentinel’s novel approach to remaining a viable newspaper in small-town America in the New York Times.

It might be notable that on the route just described, there are hundreds of Trump flags and signs. The first Biden-Harris sign that I noticed was a little one in the garden of a cottage here in Marfa.

On the road I am trying to remain COVID-safe, usually eating out of my well-packed supplies from home, sleeping in my minivan, and wearing a mask when entering stores (though not too many people along the route wore a mask, in stores for example).

I am a Wyoming journalist and rafting guide heading to Terlingua for some work and fun – and warmth!

Wonderful to be here in Marfa, and I like The Sentinel’s beer garden.

Tom Gagnon

Rock Springs, Wyoming


Dear Editor,

A couple of months ago I had my annual physical at the Ft. Stockton VA clinic, where another old white guy proclaimed that the coronavirus would disappear the day after the November 3 election. Of course, that was part of the Republican narrative at the time. And, of course, it not only didn’t disappear, it soared to over 100,000 cases for the first time in the U.S. on November 4 and has stayed well over that horrific number every day since.

So now, instead of addressing the most serious health problem in a hundred years, we have to waste time on letters to this paper making absurd and unsubstantiated claims that “fire starting, police hating Millennials” who live in “wealthy parental basements” who “despise America” and “see us as an evil nation” that allows “the condemnations of religions,” and somehow equates all that with “nationalized socialism.”

Then came the ridiculous claim that “The majority of American media supports those who’d remake the U.S. in a corrupted image.” What? I think the opposite is more likely, that a tiny minority of American media pedals that conspiracy theory about the majority of American media just to keep the “true believers” of the far right riled up, further denigrating truth and democracy.

And those who hope Joe Biden can somehow bridge the gap and bring us together for the betterment of us all, I say this: as long as significant numbers of people believe unsubstantiated nonsense he doesn’t have a chance…but we’ll still be much better off than we have been the past four years.

Fred Gossien