Manriquez steps down from city council

PRESIDIO — Presidio City Councilmember Antonio Manriquez has resigned. The news was announced by Mayor John Ferguson last week at a meeting of Presidio City Council.

Ferguson read aloud Manriquez’s short resignation letter, which he said the city received on November 8. “Please accept this short letter as my formal resignation from the city council of the city of Presidio,” it read. “Respectfully, Antonio Manriquez.”

Manriquez was not present at the meeting. But after reading the news, Ferguson invited people to share kind words about him.

“I just want to say what great service he has been to the City of Presidio, both here at City Hall as well as in our school district for many years,” Ferguson said. “He always served to the best of his ability and was a great guiding force for our community.”

City Administrator Joe Portillo agreed. “I’m going to miss him very much,” he said. “Big shoes to fill.”

Manriquez did not immediately respond to a request for comment on his decision. But in an interview, Ferguson said that Manriquez, who was in his 70s, was ready to move on.

After city council moved to accept Manriquez’s resignation, they also voted to put out a call for letters of interest. “We now have a vacancy,” Ferguson said. “We want to invite any interested members who are eligible to submit a letter of interest.”