New members on parks board, HOT committee

MARFA — Marfa City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved both new and returning members to the city parks board and HOT grant committee.

The city approved Robert Arber, Trey Gerfers, Pamela Franzheim, Jacob Fuentez and Virginia Platt to serve on the Marfa Parks and Recreation Development Corporation. Arber, Gerfers and Platt were already serving on the board, while Fuentez and Franzheim are replacing members Alex Leos and Councilmember Irma Salgado, according to the city website. Members serve for two years.

Separately, the city discussed needing to replace the seat of former councilmember Natalie Melendez on the city’s HOT Grant Committee. Melendez stepped down from city roles last month after announcing her decision not to run for reelection in July.

On Tuesday, Marfa City Council voted to appoint Councilmember Irma Salgado to the HOT Grant Committee. “I talked to the mayor about this,” Salgado said, “and I’d like to go ahead and be Natalie’s replacement.” Councilmember Raul Lara voted to nominate her, and that appointment passed unanimously.