High Desert Sketches: ’Tis the season to be jolly … Really??

To keep up the spirit of Christmas, past and present, I would recommend my two favorite books by Lonn Taylor, Texas My Texas: Musings of the Rambling Boy and Turning the Pages of Texas. Lonn, who died June 26, 2019, was that consummate writer, a person who could both entertain and inform. His weekly column in The Big Bend Sentinel, and his recitation of his column every Friday on Marfa Public Radio wrapped humor and history in a way unique with Lonn. We met more than 50 years ago as young men at the University of Texas. He was a young Democrat and I was a young Republican. Four of his last books are available at Front Street Books.

Although we both wrote columns for The Big Bend Sentinel, my column (“High Desert Sketches”) tended to be of a satirical nature, and thus had more pointed edges than a porcupine, while his (“The Rambling Boy)” tended to be kinder and gentler. Vaya con Dios, old friend.

More than a dozen of Lonn’s earlier works can be found at amazon.com. My novel, Photo Hero: A Satire of Photography, is also available on Amazon.

In this issue of The Big Bend Sentinel is an interview with Valerie Howard, aka “Crowcrumbs.” I once asked Valerie why she used the name Crowcrumbs to sign her illustrations. Her answer was simple, “Bad hair day.” I also think it has something to do with her Cherokee heritage. I have often marveled at how she can take one of my small seeds of an idea and turn it into a captivating illustration bearing little resemblance to my meager suggestions. Be sure to read her interview with Abbie in this issue of The Sentinel.