Cabezuela steps down as Presidio police chief

PRESIDIO — After more than 15 years on the force, Jose “Cabby” Cabezuela has retired as Presidio police chief, submitting a letter of resignation on Sunday. At least for now, Cabezuela plans to remain a commissioner for Presidio County.

In a brief phone interview on Wednesday, Cabezuela said he was retiring because he wanted to spend more time with his father, 89, on the family’s ranch near Candelaria. His father is still healthy, Cabezuela said — but with “no other family around,” Cabezuela wanted to be on the ranch in case his dad needed anything.

“I hated to retire because I love my job [and] being able to serve people,” Cabezuela said. “But I just had to take care of my dad. He’s more important.”

After Presidio Mayor John Ferguson learned the news on Monday, he appointed policeman Margarito Hernandez as the interim chief. Ferguson said Hernandez had “done good work” and that he planned to nominate him as a permanent police chief at a city council meeting next week.

In a phone interview, Ferguson thanked Cabezuela for his time on the force. The city would miss him, he said.

“I feel like he was a good face for the police department, an experienced lawman and a good people person,” Ferguson added. “I want to wish him well and thank him for his service to Presidio.”