Dispatches from journalism class

Ms. Adele Powers:

The nine freshmen in my high school journalism class have reported many breaking MHS stories this year. In our monthly newsletter, they’ve covered Homecoming 2020, the new kid at school, the latest fashion trends, the school’s mock presidential election, our student body’s diverse musical tastes and basketball and football scores. They’ve explored what it feels like to learn from home, and what it’s like to be in-person at MHS in this strangest of school years. Now, our class is expanding their reporting to The Big Bend Sentinel. Please enjoy these updates from the freshman journalism class!


Basketball season is over and track season just started. It’s time for Shorthorn athletes to put that work in! The track team is working really hard this year, but sadly, we don’t have some of the fastest track stars participating –– Uri pulled a hamstring two weeks ago, and Dedrick, Johnnie and Levi aren’t running this year!


Marfa Shorthorns News Of The Week!

Monday – Boys Golf Team Travels To Alpine @ 9 a.m. – Marfa boys golf team comes in second overall against Alpine, Ft. Davis, Terlingua, Kermit and Wink in Monday’s golf tournament, with John Aguero and Christian Ontiveros placing 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Tuesday – Girls Golf Team Travels To Alpine @ 9 a.m.

Girls Softball Game In Pecos gets canceled and Marfa might have to scrimmage Van Horn

Thursday – Softball Tournament in Marfa

Friday – Boys and Girls travel to Van Horn for a track meet

Saturday – Marfa Softball tournament


Well, ladies and gentlemen, spring break is almost here (it starts March 5), and to be honest, I really want this break. I’m really tired because of school and, yeah, that’s it! So get ready to feel the warm breeze in about a week! I wish the break was longer than one week!

Jaden, who has just returned to school after working at home:

Working from home is easy because I do the work when I’m ready to start and I can rest whenever I need to, but I came back to focus on my work due to me slacking off at home.


COVID-19 has been officially going on for a year. In March of 2020, we left and never came back after spring break. So COVID’s been going on for a year now, and this year has been different compared to other school years because of social distancing and online schooling, and then there’s also wearing masks and how there are less people in school now.


Okay, so some people were messing around with the power box at the basketball courts to turn on the lights, and the cops got really mad since it’s city property. The cops always check on the park right around 8 p.m., and if you get caught past 8 p.m. they are fixing to lecture you about why you shouldn’t be there, and they’ll call your parents for no reason!

When reached for comment, the Marfa Police Department said that the lights were recently damaged due to tampering and for now, until a solution is put in place, the Parks and Recreation office and the Marfa PD are working together to enforce a Coffield Park closing time of 8 p.m.


The weather this week has been hot compared to last week being cold. Why is the weather hot you may ask? Bobby Shmurda got out of jail last week finally, after five years on some bogus charges. And if you know his song, “Hot Fella,” you may know why it’s hot outside.


March 1 was my 15th birthday. I had been going to school in-person at the beginning of the year but COVID cases kept rising, so my parents wanted to keep me home. Online school has been a kinda up and down experience for me, and I’m sure many other students feel the same way. There’s moments where the work is easy and you can just get it done without a problem, but then there’s other times where it’s really difficult. I have my moments where I do feel motivated to do my work, but I also can feel not-motivated. My grades are always kinda up and down, but they’ve been up a bit more with online. I don’t miss being at school this year. I get to see my friends sometimes, and I always call or text them so I don’t miss them too much. I see a few of my close friends in person every once and a while.