High Desert Sketches: No regulation means a very dangerous climate

Art by Valerie “CrowCrumbs” Howard

Tim Boyd, mayor of Colorado City, Texas, expressed to the world his feelings on what a true Texan should accept when it comes to adversity. “No one owes you or your family anything,” Tim Boyd wrote on Tuesday in a now-deleted Facebook post, according to KTXS and KTAB/KRBC. Boyd added, “I’m sick and tired of people looking for a damn handout!” Boyd stated firmly that  municipal governments or utility companies had no obligation to provide paying customers with necessities like heat and running water during our catastrophic winter storm.

With echoes of a recent former president, he stated, “Only the strong will survive and the weak will [perish],” he wrote. He further categorized those people who were just sitting at home and doing nothing to save themselves were “lazy.” “Folks God has given us the tools to support ourselves in times like this,” he wrote, claiming that those who expected the city to come to their aid were “sadly a product of a socialist government.” I predict that Mayor Boyd will rally the forces of former President Tweet and his Tea Bagger Party and run for governor of Texas.

U.S. Senator Rafael Edward (Ted) Cruz invoking the legend of Pecos Bill is rumored to have gone to the resort in Cancun to lasso the sun and bring it back to Texas. Legend has it that Pecos Bill once lassoed and rode a tornado, so Cruz had to do him one better. It didn’t work, but then most of the time neither does the U.S. Senate.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, one of the notorious Amigo Egos, also fled the state but claimed he had to have a “serious” meeting about legal matters with the attorney general of Utah. When asked why he couldn’t have a virtual meeting instead of taking thousands of taxpayer dollars to visit Utah, he had no comment. I assume that because he has fired most of his top staff, after they accused him of profiting from his office, that he was recruiting personnel.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) manages the flow of electric power to more than 26 million Texas customers — representing about 90 percent of the state’s electric load. The Texas Reliability Entity (TRE) was created to assure that ERCOT followed the procedures established to guarantee the flow of electricity throughout Texas. It was discovered that a month or so before the blizzard hit that the governor abolished the oversight agency TRE, by firing all its employees.

The news media has pointed out that at least five of the ERCOT board members live out of state, make $100,000 a year for doing almost nothing and at least one of them lives in Germany. The media has also pointed out that at least five of the board members have resigned. I would hope that the media would ask them how much they donated to the last election of the three Amigo Egos: the governor, the lieutenant governor and attorney general.

The mayor of Colorado City, Texas, and our junior U.S. Senator do not represent the spirit that has made our great state. The person who does represent that spirit is Ryan Sivley.

Jill Ventimiglia of Austin found herself stuck on an icy road, with 30 other cars stranded. There was no cell service to call for help. After 15 minutes of frantically calling for help, a stranger shouted to her, “The guy is coming to get you next!” It was Sivley in his pickup truck, which he lovingly calls “The Beast.” Sivley rescued 98 drivers on Monday and about 400 others during the brutal blast that has hammered Texas, he said. Frigid temperatures and relentless snowstorms have sparked water and food shortages, widespread power outages and hazardous, ice-glazed roadways.