March 11 Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

On March 3, while traveling through Presidio on my way to Big Bend Ranch State Park, I found myself in a bad situation after accidentally entering Mexico with a firearm in my vehicle. This of course led to my arrest by the Mexican customs police.

My eight-year-old rescue dog, Tinkerbell, was in my vehicle and I was faced with a difficult situation, as I have no friends or family in the area to care for her. I was able to reach out to the local animal control office and made contact with Sergio who made all my concerns for my pet disappear.

Sergio volunteered to cross the bridge to Mexico on his own time and secure the safety of my pet, and then made arrangements to board her until my return, which did not happen for four days. What a blessing he is to animal lovers in this county. I can’t thank him enough for saving my dog’s life. Although my time in Mexico was a very bad experience, it was offset by knowing my pet was well cared for. Sergio is an asset to this community!

Randy Parks

Crystal River, Florida