March 18 Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

As families and individuals in the Big Bend receive thousands of dollars from the American Rescue Package (aka COVID-relief plan), it seems important that we should all write or call our congressmen, Senators Cornyn and “Cancun” Cruz and Representative Tony Gonzales, and thank them for their votes making the passage of the relief bill possible.

Oh, wait, I forgot that none of them voted for the bill, so I guess we should thank them for nothing. In fact, as most of you probably know, no Republican from Texas voted for the package. And as amazing as it may seem, given that some 75 percent of all Americans were in favor of the package, no Republican in Congress voted for it. To repeat this important fact, no Republican in the Congress of the United States voted in favor of President Biden’s COVID-relief plan.

If anyone reading this actually approves of the “NO” votes by our representatives, the best way I can think of to show your support is to call or write them to thank them and then…return your checks to the U.S. Treasury. Yeah, that will show those pinko socialist Dems! (I won’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen.)

Fred Gossien



Dear Editor,

The Alpine city manager has come under fire regarding his use of a City of Alpine vehicle to travel to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

When Mr. Zimmer interviewed with the city council on September 3, 2019, he made it clear that he would require time to travel to Albuquerque until his daughter’s graduation from high school. Council negotiated his contract in open session and approved it, authorizing Mr. Zimmer the exclusive and unrestricted use of an automobile.

Below are a few accomplishments implemented under the direction of Mr. Zimmer:

  • Updated personnel policy that better works for employees and the community.
  • 41.7% reduction in employees leaving within the last two years.
  • Renewed focus on police visibility and implemented a pay structure rewarding employees for advancement and helping reduce turnover.
  • Establishment of a grant program.
  • 102 streets were seal coated and multiple streets, alleys, and parking lots rebuilt – an area neglected for 2.5 years by the past administration.
  • Implementation of a code enforcement program.
  • Extensive wastewater treatment plant improvements.
  • A euthanasia program which has decreased the number of animals euthanized.
  • Reduced debt of previous councils.

But most importantly, these achievements have been done while maintaining the same tax rate.

Mr. Zimmer is a resolute individual dedicated to achieving high standards whilst working in a harsh, sometimes hostile and complex environment. He has been working in a high-pressure role and has proven to be a phenomenally successful and competent leader with diverse experience in business and municipalities. He is exactly what we need in terms of skills, abilities, knowledge, experience, personality and education. The public needs to be aware of the vast improvements that he has made. Many of the things in Alpine that we point to as our greatest attributes, unbeknownst to many, can be attributed to his hard work and steadfast commitment.

Chris Rodriguez