Presidio ISD expanding gym for multipurpose use

PRESIDIO — Presidio Independent School District is upgrading its high school gym. In a project that started in February, workers have knocked down an exterior wall with the goal of expanding the gym’s footprint.

By the end, the gym will also see other upgrades, including a multipurpose stage area, new gym flooring and stadium seating. The project is currently slated to finish in July.

In an emailed statement, Ray Vasquez, superintendent of Presidio ISD, expressed excitement about the new project. He thanked the local school board for approving the upgrade, which he said would better serve students in the city.

“We are very excited about our gym renovation project, and look forward to seeing our students enjoy this facility,” he said. “I would also like to thank our school board for approving this project and always doing what’s best for our student here in Presidio ISD.”

Presidio school board members could not be immediately reached for comment on the upgrades. The current school, built in 1992, already has a gym, but some families and school workers had hoped for “a better place to put on band concerts and stuff like that,” said Presidio Mayor John Ferguson, who worked at the high school until last year. Previously, the school has used its combined cafeteria and auditorium for concerts.

“When one of our sports teams was doing really well, they’d pack the gym for sure,” Ferguson added. “I see the need to want to add on to capacity for that.”

With these ongoing upgrades, the high school could see a larger venue for public events in time for the 2021-2022 school year.