High-speed chase cuts through Marfa, Fort Davis

TRI-COUNTY – A high-speed car chase that wound its way through Marfa and Fort Davis on Friday evening ended at the Reeves County line after a deputy used a spike strip to pop the fleeing vehicle’s tires on Highway 17. The black Nissan truck managed to get a few more yards before the driver and three other passengers bailed out and escaped into the mountainside, according to Reeves County Sheriff Arturo “Art” Granado.

“We sent a drone up and we couldn’t find anything,” said Granado. “We cleared some of the buildings that were there and no one was found. So we had to just stop the search.”

One of the occupants was found the next day by Border Patrol agents, according to Presidio County Sheriff Danny Dominguez, whose office is handling the statewide investigation. Dominguez said the occupant was interviewed by Border Patrol but ultimately was not very helpful. U.S. Customs and Border Protection did not respond in time to say whether the occupant was released from custody or referred for prosecution. 

The pursuit began after the truck steered around a border checkpoint on Highway 67 south of Marfa. Dominguez took the lead on the chase, assisted by officers with the Texas Department of Public Safety and Jeff Davis County Sheriff’s Office. 

This is at least the third high-speed pursuit in the area within the month. As The Big Bend Sentinel previously reported, a chase that began in Monahans last Friday ended in the backyard of Dominguez’ own home. In that incident, the occupants bailed from their truck and tried to scale the sheriff’s fence. The suspected passenger was detained and then released for lack of evidence, while the suspected driver managed to evade authorities. 

“More and more high-speed chases are happening,” said Dominguez. “And we are just trying to deal with them as they come. Each one is different.”