Border Patrol search Presidio home, apprehend 37 undocumented immigrant

PRESIDIO – Border Patrol agents found 37 undocumented immigrants, three of whom were children, in a Presidio house last Thursday. As agents with Border Patrol and Homeland Security Investigations arrived on scene, two individuals tried to run out of the home but were detained by agents.

“Multiple individuals were rescued from harsh conditions of overcrowding,” said Big Bend Sector Chief Patrol Agent Sean McGoffin.

According to Greg Davis, a spokesperson for Border Patrol, this is the 12th “stash house” bust this fiscal year for agents in the Big Bend Sector.

“This is an on-going process,” Davis said of the apprehensions. “When you take one small part down, you’re impacting the larger process. You can slow them down for a bit. They may shift their resources or planning. It’s an interruption in their operations.”

Davis also said the house will most likely be seized if it’s found to be involved in criminal activity. “We’ll take that away from the profit margins of the cartels,” he said.

Davis did not know if the immigrants detained would be referred for prosecution.