Letters to the Editor: June 3rd

Dear Editor,

I am extremely concerned about recent actions taken by the new and unschooled Alpine City Council members. They began the new council by immediately firing the city manager and the city secretary. Since there were no known actions leading up to this, one suspects that the members who put it on the agenda and voted for it must have previously discussed it, which is a violation of the Open Meetings Act. That’s not just ignoring a rule; that’s breaking the law.

Also, because of the way they proceeded, they have put the city in jeopardy of lawsuits by the fired parties. And they have continued to refuse to share their reasons for doing so.

My biggest concern is that they want to change their meeting time to 2 p.m. in the afternoon, which would keep many working citizens unable to attend. Given their recent shenanigans, I think we all need to start attending these meetings regularly. It’s still our city, but not if we don’t pay attention.

The meeting time change just got tabled. Please come to the meetings, at least until they vote down that change and not just keep tabling it until no one is paying attention.


Chris Muller


Dear Editor,

I recently read in The Big Bend Sentinel that the city manager doesn’t want to cut off utility service, hoping folks would make arrangements to pay their delinquent bills while keeping service. The city needs to come into the real world and terminate service so bills can be collected; that’s the way utilities function. The city has become tangled up in its underwear as a result of actions not taken. People with limited income choose which bills to pay based on leniency of the provider. Sounds like the city wants to exacerbate a problem that’s already out of control!

Richard Long Stone