Brewster Sheriff’s Office apprehends undocumented immigrants at the OYO Hotel

ALPINE – On Monday, the Brewster County Sheriff’s Office conducted a sting operation at the OYO Hotel involving a human smuggling operation. Brewster Sheriff Ronny Dodson said, “We had information that there were some young girls, 16 years and younger, that were at the motel that were going to be picked up and taken to Odessa and then on to Dallas/Ft. Worth.”

Through the operation, the sheriff’s office detained two undocumented immigrants. “We ended up missing the girls by several hours. In fact when we had gotten the information, the girls had already left,” Dodson said. “When we did our little sting, we got the other individuals out. They were still a part of the same group, but we didn’t have any underage girls at that time.”

This was not the first time the OYO Hotel has been involved in a human smuggling operation, according to Dodson. “I believe it’s the cost of the motel. I think it’s a lower-end cost motel,” Dodson said.

Dodson said that the investigation is still ongoing and his office will be working closely alongside Homeland Security Investigations.“Through the operation we got lots of information to go after the guys smuggling them,” he said.

The undocumented immigrants detained by the sheriff’s office were referred to Border Patrol for processing and deportation.