Saturn Square Uranus – Strike Two!

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”- John F. Kennedy, 1962

It’s been a while dear reader, sorry about that. The excuse? Partially other stuff, but mostly because I really had nothing new to say. That’s the thing about Uranus –– it’s unexpected and capricious. Sure, I’d be a far better columnist if I managed to churn out this palaver on a regular basis. But that wouldn’t be very Uranian, and then I’d risk losing my stellar reputation as a fake astrologer.

That said, I still don’t really have much of anything new to say. But I feel compelled to revisit a powerful theme from the last column: The Saturn-Uranus Waning Square. This treacherous planetary alignment, which occurs approximately every 45 years, makes its second exact passage of the year on June 14 (the first was February 17 and the third will be Christmas Eve). Why all the attention? Like the bank robber famously said: “Because that’s where the money is.” It’s the dominant geocosmic pairing to correlate with major human activity throughout 2021.

To quote astrologer Ray Merriman, “Saturn square Uranus is a classic indicator of non-peaceful protests.” At least six lethal political protests have erupted around the globe, and 2021 isn’t even half over. The insurrection at the Capitol on January 6 kicked off the carnage with five deaths and over 140 injuries. Hundreds more fatalities and thousands of wounded accumulated in clashes between protesters and authoritarian regimes in Moscow, Senegal, Myanmar and Bogotá, Columbia. Hundreds more died throughout Israel and Gaza in the dual military and civilian conflicts there. Circling back to the good ol’ USA, let’s not forget that lately you may encounter violence on airplanes any time alcohol is served. Not to mention the ongoing multiple mass shootings from sea to shining sea.

Saturn represents karma. Karma is the consequence of past actions: Think grand jury hearing for Donald Trump’s New York real estate activity, think Derek Chauvin’s murder trial triple verdict, think police reform and the U.S. Justice Department’s investigation of the Minneapolis Police Department (welcomed by the police chief of that department). Saturn is about laws and boundaries, government and authority. It respects history and tradition. Its shadow side is authoritarianism and repression.

Conversely, Uranus is about freedom and protest, shocking change, risk-taking and innovation: think Alexei Navalny, think Black Lives Matter marches, think Mars exploration with Perseverance and its pal Ingenuity (and the Chinese Zhurong rover), think messenger-RNA vaccine technology, to name a few. Uranus is about a vision for the future. Its shadow side is anarchy and violent disruption.

Besides international politics, the Saturn square Uranus dynamic has made headline news in business and sports arenas as well. Georgia’s regressive voting law changes (Saturn) have prompted protest (Uranus), resulting in the relocation of the 2021 Major League Baseball All-star Game from Atlanta to Denver. Atlanta-based businesses Coca Cola and Delta Airlines have also lodged protests against these new election laws. Business can be a powerful force for social change, especially when it is built on principles of compassionate and inclusive capitalism. While we’re on the subject of voting laws, as our readers know full well, recent proposed restrictions in voting law regulations in Texas (Saturn) are also mired in heated controversy. Most Democrats in the Texas House staged a midnight walkout to kill the bill (Uranus). The governor will likely call a special session, and the situation remains unresolved as of this writing.

In sports, top-ranking tennis star Naomi Osaka withdrew from the current French Open Tennis Tournament where tradition (Saturn) requires players to address press conferences after matches. Her action is designed to exercise her freedom of privacy, and in this case, her freedom of nonspeech (Uranus). Phil Nickelson, a left-handed golfer best known for his aggressive and innovative style of play (Uranus), recently defeated age (Saturn) to become the oldest player ever to win the prestigious PGA tournament.

My previous column described the trading volatility on Wall Street surrounding the “Reddit Revolution.” The chaos persists. Unconventional retail traders (Uranus) gang up on short-sellinghedge funds (Saturn) in stock equities such as Gamestop and American Entertainment Holdings. Sudden and unexpected (Uranus) restrictive events (Saturn) in business may be more frequent –– just ask recent corporate cybersecurity victims Colonial Pipeline and the JBS S.A. (meatpacking) firms. Yet another classic example of the Saturn square Uranus tête-à-tête was the recent effort to unionize workers at Amazon’s warehouse facility in Bessemer, Alabama. The vote to unionize (Uranus) was defeated. In this instance, Saturn prevailed.



  • Rules, laws and boundaries                  
  • Government & authority
  • Authoritarianism
  • Regulations
  • Respect for history
  • No tolerance for error
  • Mature


  • Violations of rules, laws, and boundaries
  • >  Protests against government and authority
  • >  Anarchism, rebellion
  • Anti-regulations
  • Vision of future
  • Risk-taker
  • Immature

*This chart is derived from astrologer Ray Merriman’s Forecasts 2021 Webinar on May 22, 2021. His website is www.mmacycles.com.

As an aside, Uranus is also associated with natural disasters, particularly volcanoes and earthquakes. Seismic events are often sudden, unexpected and violent. Currently, Uranus is transiting the sign of Taurus now through 2025-2026. What’s interesting here is that Taurus represents the element of earth. Violent disruptive energy paired with the element of earth foreshadows an increased prevalence of seismic activity. We have already witnessed eruptions of three major volcanoes this year: in Iceland, St. Vincent in the Caribbean, and most recently the Congo in Africa. So keep your ear to the ground…

The heightened climate for civil disobedience and potential violence worldwide remains in effect throughout the year. In addition to our country’s history of systemic racism toward the Black community, 2021 has also seen an increased incidence of anti-Asian and anti-Semitic hate crimes. “Anti-other” is not the way forward, and longer-term astrology suggests that it is the path to being on the wrong side of history. Sadly, defeating prejudice remains a fitful, painful, grinding process that will take time.

P.S. We are smack in the middle of another Mercury retrograde (May 29 – June 22). It’s interesting to note that just as our “Me the People” ex-president avoided a Senate conviction in the last Mercury retrograde (January 30 – February 20), the Senate recently blocked a commission to investigate the January 6 insurrection under the influence of this one. With any Mercury retrograde, all bets are off –– especially this retrograde, which is accompanied by an annular solar eclipse right at its midpoint on June 10. Solar eclipses intensify the dynamics of the planetary transits in play. In the case of Mercury retrograde, communications can be fraught with confusion, technology is disrupted and travel delays are frequent. Now more than ever:

Measure twice, cut once.

Jack Copeland is a retired radiologist/busboy and currently distraught Judd Foundation tour guide.

Sources for this column include: (1) Forecast 2021 book, Forecast 2021 Webinars, and MMA Free Weekly Column for 6/7/21, all by Ray Merriman, www.mmacycles.com. (2) Learn Astrology Vol One by Marion March and Joan McEvers. (3) Notes by astrologer Tom Brady.