Accidental water line disconnect causes brief water outage Monday

Staff photo by Maisie Crow / Chuck Salgado (left) and Salvador Roman (center) from the city’s Public Utilities Department prepared a pipe and installed a valve below the water tower on Washington Street on Monday during a citywide water outage.

MARFA – The water was out in Marfa on Monday, causing some local businesses to close for a few hours as emergency repairs took place. The public works department had planned for the city to have low water pressure on Monday, having drained the city’s elevated cone top water tank Sunday night in preparation for contractors to repair a broken pipe.

At the last minute on Monday, the contractors were unable to come out to complete the work due to unforeseen circumstances. That same morning, conditions from the tank being drained caused a pipe to shift, disconnecting a line from a valve. City employees made repairs and restored water pressure within three hours, even as a rainstorm set in.

The contractor work has been rescheduled for Monday morning, and while lower water pressure is expected for some Marfa residents through this week and into the next, Public Utilities Supervisor Chuck Salgado said it should be “hardly noticeable for the majority of town,” if repairs go as planned.