‘Complete redo’ of major roads authorized at Marfa’s special city council meeting

MARFA — Monday’s special city council meeting consisted of a discussion and motion to authorize a request for proposal, or RFP, for additional paving and repair of three major streets, as recommended by Mayor Manny Baeza. With contractors already working on the ongoing El Paso street project, the city has about $180,000 left in its budget for street paving this year, opening the opportunity for further repairs, he said.

The brief meeting — which ran a little over 10 minutes — ended with a motion from Councilmember Buck Johnston to place an RFP for a “complete redo” as the mayor put it, of Abbott Street from San Antonio to Dallas, as well as Spring and Dean streets from San Antonio to El Paso. Baeza cited Dollar General, Para Llevar and Planet Marfa as “busy,” “well-travelled” destinations, making repairs imperative for the facilitation of traffic in those areas.

The motion was approved with all council members voting in favor of the RFP authorization, except for Yoseff Ben-Yehuda, who was absent but arrived in time for the meeting’s adjournment. Although he was not able to vote, he told The Big Bend Sentinel that he supported the RFP.

Baeza and County Attorney Teresa Todd decided for bids to be opened on July 22, and eventually awarded during the July 29 city council meeting.

Further discussion included questions about the drainage issue by Para Llevar on Dean Street, with Johnston asking if repairs would include correction of storm drainage that frequently occurs after rainfall, resulting in standing water and mosquitoes. Road and Street Supervisor Albert Dominguez said the area’s low curb and sidewalk made this unlikely.

Discussions of other, longer roads, including the bank road on Galveston Street, were brought up, but Baeza explained that those would require more time, maintenance and higher costs.