August 19: Letters to the Editor

#1 Summer Reading winner Zoe Kurland is going to create something delectable with a Le Creuset Dutch oven.

Dear Editor,

This year over 100 community members participated in our seven-week Summer Reading Program, “Passport To…” This was the inaugural year of our travel-themed initiative, and we are already planning which countries to visit next year. We want to express our gratitude to everyone who made this an unforgettable summer. We loved traveling the world with you!

We are so proud of all the readers who participated this summer, and congratulations to our winners: Zoe Kurland, Mabel Melgaard, Shane Maxwell, JFred and Ellie Davis and Gabriel Camacho Jones.

Zoe summed up the spirit of our program perfectly, “Thank you for holding the Summer Reading Program! It really motivated me to read so much more and got everyone in town talking about books. My life has been enriched! This was and is awesome! I’m gonna keep it going!” Please note we garnered no less than four exclamation points. Trust us, if you did not participate this year, mark your calendars now for June 2022.

Summer Reading 2021 at Marfa Public Library was supported through an anonymous grant from a private family foundation through the Friends of the Marfa Public Library. The library is open M-F, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Sat. 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. — please come and visit us.

Thank you to everyone who participated and remember, even if you did not win the grand prize, reading makes you a winner — always. Keep reading, keep winning!

With appreciation,

Marfa Public Library

Nicki Ittner, JD DiFabbio, Audrey Herrera & Aubrie Agular

Dear Editor,

Poster boy

Gov. Greg Abbott has COVID-19. My sympathy valve eventually opened, but I’m not celebrating. However, his experience could influence millions to rethink their pandemic response.

He becomes the latest poster boy for hubris and lack of empathy for others. Abbott’s administration is suing to prevent local school districts from mandating children wear masks even as delta variant rates skyrocket.

Recklessness is the official Texas response. Will his positions undergo revision? It may depend upon how sick, though vaccinated.

Concern for Abbott’s health problems and dislike of official actions is not mutually exclusive. It is, however, fair comment in these difficult times. He’s pandered to the worst impulses and notions of human decency longer than COVID-19’s been a problem.

Demand Abbott communicate the importance of doing all that’s necessary from responsible leadership during emergencies. Too many still resist basic pandemic social protocols, yet reports abound of deathbed deniers begging to be vaccinated just before being intubated and/or drowning in their own mucus.

Let us work to see not another person suffer the ravages of advancing as Trump screamed “Dem hoax,” despite knowing of COVID-19’s lethality. Many GOP officials continue to magnify harm by opposing pandemic protocols.

Rev. Barry Abraham Zavah

Alpine TX