Tall City Cross-Country Meet in Midland: Both teams competed great as they opened up the 2021 season 

(Left to right) Eddie Flores, Jose Dominguez, Cristobal Zuniga, Sebastian Franco, Jose Guerrero and Jose Fernandez. The Presidio High School boys cross country team finished in 3rd place at the Tall City Cross Country Meet in Midland.

The varsity boys finished in 3rd place with 3rd place with 112 points. There was a total of 165 runners in the boys race.

Eddie Flores was 4th overall with a time of 17:58.33

Jose Fernandez was 19th with a time of 19:44.61

Edgar Galindo was 21st with a time of 19:50.37

Sebastian Franco was 27th with a time of 20:05.77

Jose Guerrero was 41st with a time of 21:00.51

Jose Dominguez was 42nd with a time of 21:02.19

Cristobal Zuniga was 49th with a time of 21:32.21

Aldo Cortez was 64th with a time of 21:46.89

Maycol Rey was 71st with a time of 21:51.59

James Carrasco was 133rd with a time of 24:55.94


(Left to right) Ayslin Hermosillo, Nohemi Hernandez, Adylene Porras, Sherlyn Herman, Alexa Samaniego and Irlanda Sotelo. The Presidio High School girls cross country team finished 12th at the Tall City Cross Country Meet in Midland.

The varsity girls finished in 12th place with 325 points. There were a total of 166 runners in the girls race.

Irlanda Sotelo finished in 51st place with a time of 15:48.35

Sherlyn Herman finished in 57th place with a time of 15:59.17

Ayslin Hermosillo finished in 58th place with a time of 16:00.35

Nohemi Hernandez finished 78th with a time of 16:30.72

Alexa Samaniego was 81st with a time of 16:32.63

Adilene Porras was 83rd with a time of 16:36.63

The next cross country meet will be on Saturday in Wink, Texas. Go Blue Devils!