Veterinarian Samuel Bottenfield retires: Community of Presidio appreciates his work

Photo by Diana Aguirre Armendariz (From left to right) Sergio Carrasco Animal Control Officer, Viviana Cataño Presidio Municipal Judge, Rebeca Armendáriz President of the Presidio Animal Protection Association, Danilea and her husband, the veterinarian, Samuel Bottenfield.

PRESIDIO – On August 16, Rebeca Armendariz, president of the Association for the Protection of Animals (Friends of the Presidio Animal Shelter) emotionally thanked veterinarian Samuel Bottenfield for performing an essential job for the community –– spaying, neutering and vaccinating animals.

“I am very grateful to Sam for his dedication. For eight years, he came to Presidio from Terlingua. Regardless of the dangers of travel, he always worked without complaining about facilities, and every month he attended to the needs of the animals,” said Armendariz.

Bottenfield worked continuously for over 12 years in Terlingua, where he’s lived for more than 20 years, discovering the urgent need for care in animals.

“I am already an older man, I am 78 years old, so I have decided to retire, but I am very happy to have worked in Presidio, with very committed people, really cooperative with their work,” said Bottenfield.

His wife, Danilea J. Bottenfield, urged the Presidio community to volunteer more. “My husband loves Presidio, he really loves it, however, more help is needed to keep these animals clean and well fed, so I invite people to come voluntarily to contribute to this duty that we all have as a community.”

Photo by Diana Aguirre Armendariz
Samuel Bottenfield works as a veterinarian at the Presidio Animal Shelter for the last time.

Without a doubt, Bottenfield has responded in an exceptional way to the enormous challenge that many face during this time.

Thus, Armendariz called on the city council to support an early replacement to continue with veterinary medicine for the prevention of many diseases transmitted by animals that affect human beings. “It will be very difficult to fill the void left by Sam today, we urgently need professionals who work hard to prevent contagions and infections that are deadly for humans,” she said.

“Let’s not forget that the proper functioning of the animal shelter not only depends on the veterinarians, but also on those who voluntarily make it possible for this place to function properly, like my colleagues, Vicky Granados and Mireya Arenivas, who have been unconditionally supporting this noble cause,” added Armendariz.

Finally, in the face of abandoned and stray animals in the community, the nonprofit association, Friends of the Presidio Animal Shelter, seeks to promote the adoption of dogs and cats to give these animals a second chance and have a family that becomes responsible for them. For those people interested in acquiring a pet, they can go to the animal shelter in Presidio and request the adoption of an animal for free.