September 2: Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,


You said overreach? I am a resident of Brewster County. I live outside the city limits of Alpine. I became aware of a city ordinance called “extra-territorial jurisdiction” one day last week.

Living outside the city of Alpine, I had no idea I came under any jurisdiction regarding codes and ordinances of the city; I do now! This ordinance gives the city authority to impose their codes and regulations on any property that extends 5,000 feet –– that is only 280 feet short of a mile –– beyond the city boundaries. From what I have learned, this “ETJ” ordinance was pushed through the city council by two gentlemen, one elected and one a paid employee, neither of whom are any longer affiliated with the city.

Living outside the city, I do not have a vote in the city elections, therefore, I have no voice. Yet I can be governed without any input. Some might say, “Well, this doesn’t concern me because I already live inside the city.” 

To those folks I might ask, are your streets in such good shape, are all things “city” in such good shape that they can reach out and control a vast area outside of the city?

This matter affects us all, it does not matter if you live inside or outside the city limits, overreach is overreach. As citizens of the greatest country in the world, we have seen many instances of overreach in recent times. Our only voice in the federal and state government is our vote. However, we can all make a difference here at home by getting involved.

Any and everyone that would like to see such overreach stopped can contact a city council person, mayor or city manager and ask them to consider resending the “ETJ” ordinance.

These are just the thoughts of one ole boy that is fortunate enough to live in the best corner of God’s green earth!

John R. Robertson 

Brewster County