September 9: Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

We would like to give a huge thanks to the citizens of Marfa and our extended community for making this year’s Marfa Lights Festival a success! After the challenges of the pandemic, it was a joy to see friends, families and neighbors in the streets around the courthouse enjoying music, food and each other’s company. 

As always, this event would not have been possible without our volunteers, vendors, performers, sponsors and everyone who came out to celebrate with us. A number of businesses, organizations and individuals went above and beyond, deserving mention: AEP, Marfa PD, Marfa VFD, Marfa EMS, the City of Marfa, TXDot, Presidio County, Presidio County Sheriff’s Department, the Paisano Hotel, Cactus Liquors, El Cosmico, Republic Services, Budweiser, Sarah Vasquez, Lisa Kettyle, Junie Villarreal, Manny Baeza, Mark Rodriguez and Patrick Haly, thank you for your contribution.

We look forward to seeing you all at the 35th Marfa Lights Festival in 2022!


The Marfa Chamber of Commerce

Abby Boyd, President

Albert Dominguez, Vice President

Audrey Herrera, Secretary

Consuelo Chavez, Treasurer

Eddie Pallarez, member

Virgie Pallarez, member

Patrick Rivera, member

Tim Johnson, member

Dear Editor, 

How Dare You! 

 Headline: “Governor signs ‘Texas Heartless Act’ –– New September 1 state holiday ‘Forced Into Labor Day’ replaces annual workers’ holiday”

 Texas is ground zero for an ideology’s theocratic tyranny.  I’m not exaggerating, nor quoting The Onion. Joined by one Democrat representative and senator, GOP legislated dystopian-level cruelties concerning the personal issue of abortion.

There’s no exemption when impregnated through rape or incest, when the mother’s health is at risk or if fetus has serious medical problems.

Unprecedented,” said Chief Justice Roberts dissenting in SCOTUS’s failure to enjoin SB-8.

The German anti-Nazi lament “They came for me, too, and there was no one left to help” has new meaning. Potentially everyone is a bounty hunter or hunted. Shredding long-established Constitutional and civil law principles, what is the “causal connection” creating financial liability, either intentionally or unwittingly “facilitating” a post-6-week abortion?

Don’t want to be called CINO (Conservative In Name Only) showing an ounce of milk of human kindness or compassion instituting Puritanical Piety? Heartlessness created a monster adept at ensnaring Conservative True Believers! Nature lands in the lives of legislators (themselves, their wives, daughters, girlfriends) too.

Needing emotional and physical support the most during a natural biological function –– pregnancy –– has been turned into a political bloodsport. How dare you?!

What demon seed spawned such imprudent madness? It certainly wasn’t the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew Ch. 5-7). Fertilized without a scintilla of empathy, it has been proposed in other GOP states.  

This is the time of a woman’s greatest vulnerability. Please, apply divine grace and mercy in a widening circle of love. Do so before your time of great vulnerability finds you confronted with the jack-heel boot of arbitrary, authoritarian despotism planted firmly on your throat –– and reproductive organs.  

 Rev. Barry Abraham Zavah

Alpine TX