Positive changes have come to x2d gallery over recent months

Photo courtesy of x2d Gallery. A Laszlo Thorsen-Nagel Sumi ink painting, four solid graphite sculptures by Susan York and Gloria Graham’s large drawing, Quartz, at x2d Marfa.

MARFA — Out of the disarray of 2020 the x2d gallery discovered what is important: service to their decades-loyal clients and attention to a filtered audience of genuinely interested new visitors.

By reducing access, they’ve created an intimate exchange, a one-on-one engagement with the art and artist, uninterrupted, and in a more domestic setting.

Reductive and spare drawings, sculpture and painting by Gloria Graham, Laszlo Thorsen-Nagel, Susan York and the gallery’s other artists all reveal themselves best during this quiet contemplation.

If this is your area of interest or if you are new and curious, please arrange a visit. The gallery would love to meet you. To schedule a visit please message on Instagram @exhibitions2d or email [email protected].