October dispatches from Marfa High School journalism class

Pep rally review


Friday, October 1, we had a morning pep rally, during Homeroom, at 9 a.m. I’m not the only one who noticed that everyone was tired and just not as hyped up as they would usually be if it were an end-of-the-day pep rally. The event started with our amazing cheerleaders leading us in a few cheers (which, you all need to shout along with them by the way! They lead the cheers and we’re supposed to respond!!) I must admit, the vibe was a little off that early in the morning, but when competition time started and people’s friends were called down, the vibe lightened up.

I was one of the “chosen ones” along with my friend Nathan Pena. Dancing in front of everyone is not easy, especially when you care so much about what your friends will say, but if you are ever chosen, the advice I wish to give you is — seriously just have fun and don’t be shy about it! If your friends make fun of you, then when it is their turn to go down, you can make fun of them! It’s a win-win situation. Therefore, I danced enthusiastically, and it was really fun! Especially seeing the teachers dance! I mean who couldn’t jump up after seeing Coach Kelly and Mr. Martinez cumbia together while Ms. Powers danced around them? The students surely put up a fight, but the teachers won the contest and rightfully so!

In conclusion, morning pep rallies are not the greatest, they hit a little differently than the afternoon ones, but if you yourself decide to make it fun, then I really do believe we can all enjoy ourselves. So, next time go out there and cheer, yell and be supportive of your friends and others! Also, don’t rip the spirit stick!

National Honor Society induction


This Thursday, eight Marfa High juniors and seniors (including this reporter!) were inducted into the National Honor Society, bringing the organization’s numbers from 2 students to 10! Being in the NHS is a big deal! Being a member of this organization makes me feel really good about myself. Although, it’s something that no one joins just for the fun of it. You qualify for it by having an average of 90, doing community service, and participating in leadership positions (student council, etc.) This is something you have to keep up with.

Besides bragging about being in the NHS, it’s something that looks really good on your resume for college, and you can obtain brilliant scholarships. It also represents your commitment to the environment and your school. I decided to interview a couple of people who have made it into this organization, some who have even been in it for a good minute.

“How do you feel about making it into NHS?” I asked Aubrie, who is a brand new member like me. “I’m very excited to be in it!” She replied, with a bright smile. “I’m also really happy that my friends are in it as well. I just have to keep up with my grades and such.” I also asked her about what she expects while participating in the organization. “I just expect to have fun and hang around with my fellow members.”

I also asked Alexis about how she feels about making it into the NHS. She answered, “I feel really happy. If I didn’t make it in, my mom would’ve killed me.” After a laughing session, I also asked her what she expects out of NHS. “I expect that we help the community by doing community service, just to make it a better place.”

In conclusion, being in NHS is an honor, not only for myself, but for my friends and family. Again, it’s something to brag about, but also something to have a bunch of fun being included in. I’m prepared to be in this organization, and everything that I must do to hold this position.

Swiper’s adventure


About three weeks ago I brought a Swiper toy to school –– you know Swiper from the show Dora the Explorer. Well, when we came into the building after lunch, one of my friends grabbed him and threw him straight up into the air. He hit the ceiling and then hit Nayar on the head. He rolled off the top of Nayar’s head to the floor and, though I looked, he was lost. I thought I’d never see him again.

Then, days later, my friend Kassandra heard her brother talking about a Swiper toy. He had it at their house. She ran into his room and looked at the cartoon fox toy; she knew it was mine because Memo had previously ripped the tail off on accident. The next day, she brought the toy to me, and I was so happy that my Swiper toy had been found.

So yesterday (Thursday, October 14), I threw my Swiper toy in the halls with the hopes of someone bringing it back to me. He’s going on another adventure, and I want to hear how it happens. If you see a small, plastic fox toy, please send him my way. He will be missed dearly while departed from me, but make sure there’s a good story about his recovery!

Fall Festival returns in 2021!


Marfa High School’s annual Fall Festival is returning for 2021 after being canceled due to COVID-19 last year. The event will be held Saturday, October 30 from noon to 3 p.m. in Hibbits Gym.

This year’s Fall Festival will have many exciting and fun events and activities to do! The PTO is sponsoring a basketball shoot, a football toss, a putting green, a giant Connect Four game, bowling, giant Jenga and even more! The Boosters will be selling hamburgers, pickles, hot dogs and beverages. Chyrell Poenisch will also have a Scentsy booth at this year’s festival.

The environmental science class, the sophomore class, and Ballet Folklorico have all been rumored to be planning a haunted house. The junior class will most likely offer face painting, although Ms. Bianca has hinted that the real money is in the cakewalk, so they may do that.

On that note, anyone who wants to sign up for a booth at the Fall Festival is welcome! We still need a class to host and judge a costume contest! And maybe somebody should sponsor a hotdog eating contest –– this reporter would pay to see some students chow down in competition to see who can eat the most dogs. And, also, I would probably pay even more to enter! And, if you want more advice, whatever class makes the haunted house should make sure that it is actually scary! And I want lots of good food and really good prizes for the kids that come, and also if I were a little kid I would love a bouncy house. So, anyone who wants to make sure that this year’s Fall Fest is a success, please email Ms. Griselda at [email protected] with your booth ideas and commitments!

Kassandra gives an opinion on a TikTok trend


I think “Devious Licks” (a TikTok trend in which students steal and vandalize school/teacher property) are a trend on TikTok because school is so controlling over students, and kids just want to have a good time in school. But teachers, the principal, and other staff members don’t let them. I know that if students keep doing this, then the schools will get even worse and treat us like prisoners. But maybe this is kids trying to speak up and tell adults to give us a little bit more freedom? Maybe students just want to take things for fun, I don’t know. I think this trend could possibly be linked to COVID because during quarantine a lot of people would be on TikTok all day and not do anything else. I also think TikTok can make otherwise normal people do illegal and disrespectful things, but not everyone who sees a TikTok video does this.

School staff should not ignore this trend or get mad at students, they should talk to them and see what they can do for students instead of just thinking about themselves! If students are vandalising the school for no reason then, yeah, get mad at them! But listen to them first. If you don’t listen to students, then don’t expect them to listen to you. I don’t really know if I think this entire trend is harmful because they are just taking random things, but it can become harmful. Maybe this is normal teen behavior?? You never know.

In terms of the “Devious Licks” trend, I don’t think it’s happening much at Marfa High School because this school is boring and there’s nothing going on. Ms. Powers and Ms. Lara have both had things “licked” but I don’t think they were super big deals. Sometimes I think kids are just being kids; it is what it is.

How can we make our school better?


For this month’s newsletter article, I decided to write about what we should fix about the school, since the school can be kinda ratchet. The question I asked is, “What would you change/fix about our school?”

I first interviewed Clarissa Hernadez, a sophomore. She thinks that the first thing to change at MISD should be, “The restroom! We should make the stalls better, and I think we should redo the auditorium; the chairs are always broken.” I agree that we should fix the auditorium chairs, since they’re not that good.

I then interviewed Vinnie Quintana, a sophomore. I asked him the same question and he said, “The privacy for the men’s restroom. First of all, Ms. Powers’ classroom can see me pee through the reflection of the mirror.” I also interviewed Oscar Meraz, a sophomore, who agreed with Vinnie. When I asked him what he would change, he replied, “Doors on the boys restroom.” I agree with Vinnie and Oscar, since I want some privacy in the restroom. Oscar also said that we should get a vending machine in the cafeteria. I agree, that would be cool.

I interviewed another student, Derick Campos, who is a freshman. He had a new take on the subject. He responded to my question about changes at MISD with, “Everything, but mostly our track.” I asked him why and he said, “‘Cause our track is trash, it’s literally road.” I totally agree with this since our track is trash. Gael Chivras, a seventh grader, also agreed. He said that the track is “full of potholes,” which makes it dangerous!

Adrian Catano, a senior, responded to my question with, “We should be able to listen to music when teachers are not instructing.” I got the same answer from Cristian Ontiveros when I asked him. He added, “And teachers should get tardy slips for being late.”

Tenessa Hinojos, a freshman also, wants to fix the stairs, since she recently stumbled and hurt her knee and ankle while doing stadiums! I think the stairs are perfectly fine.

Diego Jurado, another freshman, said that we should make all the water fountains functional again. I totally agree, since I always have to ask for a cup from the office to get water.

Ms. Powers wants a block schedule and a shorter school day. I don’t care about that, but a free period would be cool.

Lastly, I interviewed one final student, Janayah Villa, a freshman. She echoed other students, saying we should “fix the track and the auditorium seats.”