OPINION: About opposing view

Dear Editor,

About opposing view

Southlake School District’s amoral compass promulgated an “opposing view” policy concerning material about the Holocaust and other topics. Chutzpah negated centuries of humanity’s progress.

State laws place children in mandated systems controlled by local school districts. In fulfilling that obligation, irresponsible adults found it essential to their notion of things to present balance to state-institutionalized mass murder.

Intellectually bankrupt, they whistled Dixie to the blaring beat of a Wagnerian opera filling pre-WWII German stadiums with true believers on the cusp of committing history’s most reprehensible crimes. Preceded by Nazi “book burning rallies,” death camps followed racist, authoritarian ideologues assuming political power. 

The Nuremberg war crime trials reset the world’s moral compass, holding those responsible accountable. There was no excuse for moral equivalency then or now.

That Southlake needs balanced hate-based, anti-Semitic evil is a whole other level of outrageous, given 76-years of information available since camps were liberated. Surely, they knew the Holocaust was implemented to remove Jews from the face of the earth. Yet mentioning it in the context of world history requires an opposing view?

Isn’t learning history about not repeating past mistakes rather than an indoctrinated, white-washed willful blindness to humanity’s propensity to walk in the shadow of darkness?  Compounding the matter, Texas censors textbooks to remove subjects which “may” make others feel bad about their history.

Good stewards charged with shaping impressionable, young minds cannot condone, by omission, future hate-based policies. Failing at the basics so egregiously, those responsible for “opposing view” are unqualified to hold similar positions of public responsibility.

Evil walks among us in the guise of the respectable and official. It must not proliferate in any place or generation! Ignorance is never bliss.

Rev. Barry Abraham Zavah