Presidio runners dominate, bringing home 5 district champion titles from Tornillo meet

PRESIDIO — The district cross-country meet was held in Tornillo last Thursday and it was a great day for Presidio High School and Lucy Rede Franco Middle School runners, who together brought home five district champion titles, giving a dominating performance.

For the second consecutive year, the varsity boys were crowned district champions with 30 points. Jose Fernandez was the fastest team member, coming in fourth with a time of 18:08. The varsity boys will be running at the regional meet, where they will look to defend their 2020 regional title and advance to the state meet to also defend their state title.

The varsity girls also gave a good showing, claiming the district runner up title with 49 points and qualifying to run at the regional meet for the sixth consecutive year. ​​Judith Bustamante came in third with a 13:16 time, logging the fastest run of the team.

The junior varsity boys claimed a district champion title with 16 points, and dominated the top slots. Claiming first was Maycol Rey with 20:09, second was Jose Guerrero with 21:28 and third was Abdiel Herrera with 21:45. In junior varsity girls, runner Alexandra Carrasco placed first on her own with an 18:26 time.

The success continued among the middle school runners, where the eighth grade girls were bestowed the title of district champions with 24 points, and the eighth grade boys also became district champions with 31 points. Eighth grade boy Musio Rey got first with a 12:15 time and 

Gabriel Salazar came third with a 12:57 time. Eighth grade girl Liyah Reyna snatched first with a time of 13:20 and Valeria Marquez finished third place with a time of 14:34.

Rounding out an incredible showing by Presidio’s runners, the seventh grade boys were also named district champions in Tornillo, with Jose Bustamante getting first with a time of 14:09, Aaron Sanchez getting second with a time of 14:40 and Kaden Mccall claiming third with a time of 14:41.


The full cross country district scores are:

Varsity Boys

4 Jose Fernandez Presidio 18:08
5 Edgar Galindo Presidio 18:10
6 Eduardo Flores Presidio 18:49
7 Sebastian Franco Presidio 18:50
8 Cristobal Zuniga Presidio 19:15
11 Orion Pierre Presidio 19:47
13 Jose Dominguez Presidio 20:34


Varsity Girls

3 Judith Bustamante Presidio 13:16
6 Ayslin Hermosillo Presidio 13:21
9 Jasmine Sotelo Presidio 13:42
12 Alexa Samaniego Presidio 14:33
19 Irlanda Sotelo Presidio 15:00
20 Sherlyn Herman Presidio 15:01
22 Adilene Porras Presidio 15:20


JV Girls

1 Alexandra Carrasco Presidio 18:26


JV Boys

1 Maycol Rey Presidio 20:09
2 Jose Guerrero Presidio 21:28
3 Abdiel Herrera Presidio 21:45
4 James Carrasco Presidio 23:02
6 Miguel Baeza Presidio 24:02:00
7 Angel Hernandez Presidio 27:16:00
8 Imuriz Garcia Presidio 27:24:00


8th Grade Girls

1 Liyah Reyna Presidio 13:20
3 Valeria Marquez Presidio 14:34
5 Kimberley Madrid Presidio 15:10
7 Carolina Ramos Presidio 15:40
8 Jimena Sotelo Presidio 15:49
10 Kesara Olivas Presidio 16:34


8th Grade Boys

1 Musio Rey Presidio 12:15
3 Gabriel Salazar Presidio 12:57
6 Deion Askew Presidio 13:18
10 Alan Samaniego Presidio 14:24
11 Jayden Martinez Presidio 14:34
12 Joshua Sanchez Presidio 14:41
14 Said Elias Presidio 15:52
16 Christian Esparza Presidio 16:35
17 Kelvin Valenzuela Presidio 17:32


7th Grade Boys

1 Jose Bustamante Presidio 14:09
2 Aaron Sanchez Presidio 14:40
3 Kaden Mccall Presidio 14:41
4 Victor Carrasco Presidio 14:52
5 Taro Gutierrez Presidio 15:35
6 Randy Carrasco Presidio 15:47
8 Aidan Samaniego Presidio 16:03
9 Dylan Aranda Presidio 16:25
10 Samuel Sanchez Presidio 16:33
12 Santiago Ramirez Presidio 17:20