Locals flock to new Porter’s location for soft opening

Staff photo by Sam Karas. Presidio resident Mae Ridgway shops the produce section at the new Presidio Porter’s location the morning of its soft opening.

PRESIDIO — The parking lot at the new Porter’s location in Presidio was packed on Wednesday morning as residents rushed in to see the revamped store and line up for free pizza samples. All weekend, shoppers cleared out the shelves at the old location, encouraged to fill their carts with a 30-percent-off liquidation sale. The new location boasts not only bright light and modern decor, but some major inventory changes from the old store, explained the chain’s district manager, Trae Dutchover.

“We brought in a lot more variety,” said Dutchover. “We cut back a little bit on grocery items due to shopping patterns, but we expanded our freezer section. We also now have a huge variety of new wines that Presidio has never had.” 

Ky Ellison, who does PR and marketing for Porter’s, was eager to show off the new-and-improved checkout area. “There’s all new registers, self-checkout — everything is brand new.” 

While the new Hunt’s Brothers Pizza location was open to great fanfare inside the store, Presidio residents will have to wait for a few other improvements. The gas pumps will remain at the old location for another year, until new ones can be constructed. Dutchover explained that thanks to worldwide supply chain issues, “There’s no tanks to buy,” but customers can still buy their gas from Porter’s down the street. 

Presidio resident Mae Ridgway didn’t have to do her shopping on Wednesday morning, but decided to come anyway, just to check out the new store. “I like the new, clean, light,” she said. “I hope they keep it that way.” She said at the old store, the worn-out freezers and other equipment made it so that she had to check on the quality and expiration date of the items she chose. She’s hoping that the new cases and freezers will keep everything fresh longer. 

Ellison invited the community to come out for the grand opening party, set to be held on Saturday, February 19. The store hasn’t hammered out the details yet, but they’re hoping to have a local band perform and a big cookout in the parking lot. “We’re gonna have special deals that day. If you’re familiar with our couponing app, we’re going to have a $10 off any $50 purchase for everybody. There’s going to be one item from each department that’s going to be at super hot prices.”