Big Buddha Bakery, Cactus Liquors to host fundraiser event Sunday for Lipan Apache cemetery

PRESIDIO — Big Buddha Bakery and Marfa’s Cactus Liquors are teaming up this weekend to raise money for the Lipan Apache cemetery in Presidio. The Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas, with help from the Big Bend Conservation Alliance, is hoping to raise $120,000 toward the construction of a fence that will protect the centuries-old historic site for generations to come. 

So far, local entities like the Presidio Municipal Development District and the Presidio Convention and Visitors Bureau have made a big impact, but the two businesses are hoping that the event will get locals and smaller donors engaged. “This is something that anyone in the community can get behind,” said Big Buddha Bakery’s Patrick Manian. “We’re raising money for a group of people that everyone respects here, but a lot of us didn’t know how to honor them. Now there’s an opportunity.” 

Cactus Liquors will make the trek down to Presidio on Sunday afternoon with donations from L&F Distributors and Glazer’s Beer and Beverage. They’ll have water, seltzer and beer available. “It’s nice to be able to represent Marfa,” said Hannah Gentiles, who is helping Cactus Liquors coordinate the event. “We fully support everything the tribe is doing to restore and protect the area.” 

The event will be held at Big Buddha Bakery on Sunday afternoon from 2 to 5 p.m. Manian and Diana Wassef will be cooking up burgers and pizza for the crowd. Terlingua’s Chet O’Keefe plans to provide music for the afternoon. Manian and Wassef hope it will be a positive, family-friendly event that raises awareness of the important historical preservation work underway in Presidio. “It’s one of the many ways we can show respect to what was here before us,” Wassef said. “Both to the people who lived here and to the people who still live here.”