Here are the 2022 primary election results for Presidio County

TRI-COUNTY — On Tuesday, Presidio County joined the rest of the state in voting in the primary election, with voters casting their ballots for a slew of candidates to represent both parties in the general election this November. With the exception of the Precinct 4 County Commissioner race, in which Garey Willbanks was unopposed in the Republican primary, there are no Republican candidates in the local races, meaning the Democratic victors will likely assume the positions come November.

County Judge: Incumbent Judge Cinderella Guevara, who recently switched to the Republican Party, and Democrat Jose Portillo Jr. were both unopposed in their respective primaries. Guevara garnered a total of 90 votes, while Portillo received 835 votes. The two will face off in the general election this fall. 

County Commissioner, Precinct 4: David Beebe, former Justice of the Peace for Precinct 1, has beat incumbent Frank “Buddy” Knight with 58.95 percent of the vote, receiving a total of 280 versus Knight’s 195. Beebe will face off against Republican Garey Willbanks, co-founder and principal at Teal System, in the general election. Willbanks earned a total of 34 votes in the Republican primary. 

County Commissioner, Precinct 2: Margarito Hernandez, current Presidio Chief of Police, comes in ahead with 52.62 percent of the vote at 171 votes, with opponent Abel “Billy” Hernandez, a member of Presidio City Council, at 154 votes. Margarito Hernandez has said he will be able to continue as Chief of Police while also serving as County Commissioner. 

Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1: Dina Jo Marquez, who had stepped in to finish out predecessor David Beebe’s term, has beat Marfa City Councilmember Raul Lara by only eight votes, at a final tally of 300 versus 292, meaning Marquez garnered 50.68 percent of the vote.

Justice of the Peace Precinct 2: Incumbent Juanita Urias-Bishop won with 61.58 percent of the vote at 460 votes, with opponent Brenda Pando-Covos, assistant to the county attorney, finishing with 287 votes.

County Treasurer: Democrat and incumbent Frances Garcia, who ran unopposed, received a total of 709 votes, while Republican David Chavez, who also ran unopposed, received a total of 86 votes. The two will face off in the general election this fall. 

County/District Clerk: Democrat incumbent Florcita Zubia ran unopposed for County/District Clerk and received a total of 842 votes. 

Party Chairs: Also running unopposed was Republican County Chair Dan Dunlap, who received a total of 78 votes. Acting Democratic County Chair Nicole Schwartz did not appear on the ballot, according to the clerk’s office and a sample ballot. Schwartz said her absence on the ballot was due to her not being a registered voter in the county in time for the candidate filing period, but she will continue to act as the appointed Democratic County Chair going forward.

Statewide Races: For U.S. Representative District 23, John Lira won the Democratic primary against opponent Priscilla Golden. In Presidio County, however, more voters cast their ballots for Golden, who received 58.51 percent of the vote, with 512 votes across the county versus Lira’s 363. In the Republican primary, incumbent  Ernest “Tony” Gonzales emerged victorious by a large margin. In Presidio County, 78.18 percent of voters went for Gonzales, who received a total of 86 votes, more than opponents Alia Garcia and Alma Arrendondo-Lynch, who received 14 and 10 votes, respectively. 

In the race for Texas Governor, Democrat Beto O’Rourke is poised to face off against incumbent Greg Abbott in the general election this November. 70.86 percent of Presidio County voters in the Democratic primary voted for O’Rourke, who received 727 votes in the county. 66.1 percent of Presidio County voters in the Republican primary voted for Abbott, who received 78 votes in the county.