Letters to the Editor March 10

Dear Editor,

Gov. Abbott directed Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (TDFP) to investigate families of transgender children. He cited Attorney General Paxton’s misbegotten opinion that “giving transgender children puberty blockers and hormone therapy could “legally constitute child abuse.”

Proponents have no shame. Not surprisingly, carnage that kills children and requires active shooter drills isn’t a Second Amendment political priority.

What’s next? Big Brother taking children and separating families? 

Republicans already weaponized Trump’s “zero tolerance” southern border strategy for political gain. Likewise, their transgender agenda is driven by an engine intentionally fueled by cruelty. 

The state’s approach to gender identification is unsound. Children have a difficult enough time adjusting to who they are. Pandering to fear-based ignorance makes things worse for those targeted. 

Officialdom perpetrates child abuse, not parents of children needing understanding. That would be a healthier means of expressing concern than TDFP investigations.

Rev. Barry Abraham Zavah