A 100% fiber network in Presidio in 2022

PRESIDIO – BBT has been a pillar of West Texas’ vast remote territory for the past 60 years, providing telecommunications and technology services and keeping customers moving far into the future. BBT is the only fiber-based provider in the many rural communities served, and its service area covers 18,000 square miles, including 485 miles of border with neighboring Mexico.

With an eye on prosperity and growth, BBT remains committed to the economic development of the communities served and has already made a capital investment of $36,000,000 over the course of the last several years to deploy fiber to 6,000 locations. In addition, BBT continues to explore state and federal broadband funding opportunities to further expand the critical infrastructure required to deliver vital fiber-based connectivity throughout its entire serving territory. Business and economic growth are dependent on fast connectivity. Health and medical services share information and resources that can be lifesaving. Fiber-fed communications systems deliver information on weather, traffic alerts, and critical safety updates. In addition, it’s essential for education and border security purposes. This technological evolution requires a fiber optic infrastructure in order to deliver these critical services.

By the end of 2022, BBT will complete a 100 percent fiber infrastructure to Presidio, Texas. This will give Presidio residents and businesses the ability to learn and work remotely, attend telehealth appointments and more. “BBT is very excited about the progress we are making in Presidio. Fiber optics is reliable, future proof, and provides increased security and value.” said Rusty Moore, BBT general manager/COO. “Access to high-speed broadband is especially important to rural communities, which is something we advocate for across the nation. We are proud to help our communities close the digital divide.”

BBT has invested $3,500,000 to The Presidio Fiber Project that is currently under construction. Some phases have been completed and many customers are already utilizing a fiber optic connection in their homes and businesses. For more information about BBT Fiber, customers can contact BBT at 800.592.4781 or learn more at bigbend.com.