Letters to the Editor: May 5, 2022

Dear Editor,

Last weekend the Chinati Foundation’s reopening of the beautifully restored John Chamberlain building was a great success and should be a source of pride. It feels like it has been a long time since an art event was able to bring the Marfa community together in such a celebratory way, with a connection that will continue as the building remains free to visitors for the remainder of 2022.

Congratulations to the Chinati team, including skilled contractors, dedicated staff, and Director Jenny Moore, who overcame added challenges during the pandemic to complete a thorough renovation on time that was done to the highest standards. Those of us who live here have a special appreciation of just how hard that can be.

With gratitude,

Laura Doll



Dear Editor,

Last weekend’s two-day “Dark Skies Festival” at McDonald Observatory was outstanding. Kudos to the observatory superintendent Dr. Teznie Pugh, Director Dr. Taft Armandroff, and staff for supporting this event to raise awareness about the value of keeping outdoor light pollution to a minimum at night. Special thanks to the Cielo Quartet for the classical music concert in the amphitheater. Hats off to Stephen Hummel, dark skies initiative coordinator, and to others such as the International Dark-Sky Association www.darksky.org. In addition to being a world-class scientific research facility, McDonald Observatory brings many tourists to our area — as does the lure of dark skies — and it is important for our communities, businesses, and citizens to support dark skies.

Donna & Barry Smith

Fort Davis