Free health screenings available in Ojinaga through the weekend

OJINAGA — Presidio and Ojinaga residents are invited to stop by the railyard in Ojinaga Wednesday through Sunday for free medical screenings and consultations. “Dr. Wagon,” a train equipped with health technicians and supplies, has 17 cars dedicated to different medical specialties, and has been providing care to Mexico’s underserved communities for over eight years. 

The health fair is partly a celebration of new opportunities coming to Presidio and Ojinaga as a result of expanded rail service. “This effort is courtesy of FerroMex and Grupo Mexico Foundation (Fundación Grupo México), given the re-opening of the new railroad line in the region,” explained Stan Meador, vice president of sales and marketing for Texas Pacifico. 

Services will be available from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Ojinaga time, Wednesday through Sunday. The offerings range from general and internal medicine to pediatrics and gynecology, as well as dentistry, optometry and mental health. Free screenings for conditions like diabetes, STIs, COVID and many more are also provided free of charge. 

The Ojinaga railyards are located on the south side of town. Coming from the bridge, the easiest way to get there is to take a left at La Villita, and follow Avenida Morelos to Avenida del Comercio. It’s advised to come earlier in the day — there are a limited number of appointments available, and after checking in, each patient will be assigned an appointment time. More information is available via Whatsapp at 55 6144 6696.